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Good Health, Good Nutrition
Good Health, Good Nutrition

Amber Support Services is dedicated to increasing awareness of the need for good health and good nutirition.

Food and drink bring enormous pleasure to our lives with eating and drinking well having an important part to play in the health and wellbeing of people of all ages.  Simple changes to what we eat and how much we eat can contribute to a better quality of life.  

At Amber Support Services, enabling and empowering our clients to eat well is one of the most positive things we do as part of providing high quality support. We recently organised a Sensory Fruits Sensations activity and this is what we did:

  • Bought lots of different fruit, prepared them and put them into different bowls
  • Then we tasted them all and tried to recognise whether they were sweet or sour
  • After testing them all we blindfolded each other and then tasted the fruit again 
  • We tried to guess what they were and also noticed that some of the fruit we thought we didnt like - we actually did


Why dont you try this simple but eye opening activity? It is great fun, informative and you might even surprise yourself!  All of us have a responsibility to good nutrition and an awareness of the wider role of food and drink in contributing to wellbeing and quality of life.






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