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Oral Motor Skills
Oral Motor Skills

Learning how to use your mouth to say words is a very complex motor skill.  We dont realise how many different ways we have to function in order to produce desired sounds.

Mouth exercises to strengthen cheek and tongue muscles are of enormous benefit and work towards improved speech clarity.  The ability to blow is essential for sound production and using a straw helps with lip protrusion and the creation of some vowel sounds.

In order to make things interesting we have made exercising our cheek muscles fun by putting together a Blow Painting Art Project  where we also created some amazing designs.

Blow Painting

Materials:  Different coloured paints, paper, paint brush and different sized straws

Activity:  This is a really fun activity.  Start by painting different coloured blobs of paint onto a piece of paper - then grab your straw and blow onto the paint watching how the colours merge into each other to create a unique and wonderful piece of art.  Why not try acrylic paints as we did - they are harder to make pictures with but the colours are really vivid and you soon tone your cheek muscles!


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