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Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training (NCI)
Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training (NCI)


Amber Support Services actively seeks to identify solutions to support staff in dealing with the every day situations they encounter as we take staff concerns seriously and really care about their safety and welfare.

In February of this year we organised training in conjunction with the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to better equip staff in dealing with incidents which occur and to accredit a positive support approach.  A number of staff attended the course, accredited by BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, as part of their Continued Professional Development.

The International Standard
CPI's Nonviolent Crisis InterventionSM programme is known worldwide for its innovative, holistic philosophy of providing Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for staff and those they support — particularly during crisis moments.  This programme is now recognised by many as the international standard for violence prevention and intervention training.

Staff learnt how to organise their thinking about how behaviour escalates and how to respond appropriately to resolve conflict at the earliest possible stage. The course content included group discussions, role plays and activities and exercises.

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