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Animal Therapy
Animal Therapy


We are always looking at ways to improve the support we offer our clients and often do this by tapping into the mountain of resource we have within our staff team.

We are very lucky to have Elisabeth Barter working for us within our Day Service who has four fantastic dogs some of which she has trained to become therapy dogs.

Lis works hard to ensure that they are well cared for, happy and content and this is reflected in the valuable work they do when they come to us. These amazing dogs allow our clients to hold, stroke and talk to them. As Lis says "They provide the opportunity for those that are not lucky enough to have contact with animals to enjoy the companionship they offer. They do not judge and give you unconditional love"

We have seen positive results in clients who benefit from Animal Therapy including gaining in self assurance whilst in the community where previously they would not have the confidence to go out alone.  

Final word should go to Lis "It can be very special to watch people with the dogs and it can and often does bring a tear to my eye"

If you would like to know more or to call on the services offered by Lis please call 01527 873426.

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