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Treats with a Twist!
Treats with a Twist!


The staff team at Amber Support are always looking at approaching activities in a creative and innovative way in order that it captures the imagination of the people we support.

In a recent cooking session; by using a simple fairy cake receipe, they transformed cakes into Lollipop Cakes which was new and exciting. Although not easy as you have to ensure that the cakes dont break - it challenged Leigh's cooking skills and increased her confidence.  She is now able to make fairy cakes and in the future is determined to create other delicious delights.

The recipe is not difficult to make and all you have to do is use gluten free self-raising flour rather than using the normal flour used on a day to day basis. If people have dairy allergies then there are always alternative milk products which can be used (soya milk, goats milk).  

Why not have a go and then decorate with black and orange sparkles for a real Halloween Treat!  

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