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Goalball Leadership Award
Goalball Leadership Award
Congratulations to Gary and Rob for gaining their Goalball Leadership Award, a qualification that is accredited by Goalball UK, the National Governing Body of the Paralympic Sport.
The highly practical course aims to teach candidates how to communicate and guide a person with a visual impairment and how to mark out a Goalball Court and what equipment is required.
This once again enhances the capabilities of our sports Social Enterprise, Amber Active, which is being led by the experienced coaching of Gary and Rob who have broadened sports opportunities for people with a disability, ensuring that the sports environment is positive and welcoming.
Amber Active, at every opportunity attemtps to make sports more accessible for people with a disability  and to encourage them to be more physically active and successful in a sport environment.
Should you wish to join us at The Ryland Centre, every Friday morning please give Gary a phone call on 07500 090 098
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