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Animal Therapy Magic
Animal Therapy Magic


The response from Paws, our Animal Therapy programme has been extremely positive. Feedback has confirmed that our clients love participating, enjoy the experience and feel more relaxed at the end of a session.

The success of this therapy has grown so that often two dogs attend at the same time and now have brand new cages so that they can relax after a session themselves.  The dogs who come along are no ordinary dogs – they are friendly, patient and gentle and have gone through training sessions that test their reactions to loud noises and unexpected situations.  In fact all are award winning agility dogs.

The joy of a visiting dog brings indispensable value on so many levels; for example:

  • In developing speech in talking to the dogs and explaining to them where they are walking to
  • Developing fine motor control with putting dogs collar on and securing the dogs leads
  • If you think about it every element is a positive one – keeping fit, accessing the community, road safety and crossing the road

This furry, fun activity aims to improve social, emotional and cognitive functions – should you wish to join one of our sessions please get in touch and call Lis on 01527 873426.


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