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Autumn at Amber Eco
Autumn at Amber Eco

We have been blessed with a beautiful Autumn so far! Yes the mornings are getting darker but that isn’t stopping us, we have loads to do. Thanks to the kindness of local businesses we have been able to keep on designing and creating our Aquaponics Centre of Education. We have been painting the frames for the beds, laying plastic and stones to create the floor and building a wonky door! It’s all been a great experience. Next up for us is to start the plumbing.

The mild weather has kept us busy with our vineyard and weed control.  It’s our job to maintain the walkways and ensure the vines get the best attention we can give them so we have learnt the art of Weed Management and kept our hand hoeing shallow in order to minimise any damage to the crop roots and to avoid bringing more weed seeds near the surface to germinate.

A massive thank you to the gardening team at The Granary Hotel for helping us by installing the metal poles and wires for the vines - It now looks like a Vineyard!

There is never a dull moment and due to the good supply of leaves that we have, we have started a leaf mould. Throwing away and burning leaves is a waste as you are throwing away excellent material that could be used in the place of peat as a potting compost for container plants.  Simply pile in the leaves into a structure such as a wire cage and leave them alone for a year.  The pile will reduce by around two thirds, so keep filling with more leaves as they fall and at the end of it you will have rich – and free –multipurpose mulch!


Do you like the sound of Amber Eco? We are delighted to now offer taster days, so if you just fancy a couple of hours enjoying working on 2 acres of secure, relaxed land please contact John Rose at eco@ambersupportservices.co.uk

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