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What do you do with your support?
What do you do with your support?


Amber Support aims to make a difference to the lives of the people we support; encouraging them to realise their potential and achieve the goals and outcomes they set themselves.  We focus on a number of areas of life such as:

·         Dignity in support

·         Independence

·         Friendships

·         Quality of life

·         Control over life

·         Feeling safe

·         Family relationships

·         Self-esteem

Staff work at their innovative best  by looking at the everyday  things we have to do and encouraging clients to explore different avenues – such as using the self-service aisle during their weekly shop.  It is a great way of listening to instructions and acting when prompted to do so by the machine that is disability friendly and educational in improving financial awareness.


During winter when the nights close in early, we remind clients of the need to be extra alert in terms of road safety and even our animal therapy dogs Moo Moo and Tinkerbell are encouraged to wear their reflective vests.

Support during winter nights take a change with innovative activities taking place such as completing brain teaser books that have been picked up from local shops, and making bird seed holders to help our local wildlife.

It's also about developing new skills such as Leigh whose manicure sessions have been so successful that she decided to take it to the next stage and start a hair salon at home!  Whilst Helen’s love of dance has ensured that she has achieved one of her goals by attaining her Gold Bar One from the Bromsgrove School of Dance.

We are very much part of our local community , living as independently as possible – what do you do with your support?

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