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About Us!


We are loving our new Infographic which is in line with our company policy of ensuring as much information as possible is visual as well as informative; making it simpler to digest and remember!

We understand that people respond better to visual content and are eager to introduce these into our Quality Assurance processes as they make it quick and easy for people to take in the results of our surveys which we regularly share with people.  

We will be using these to tell one story really well, so will focus on one subject matter at a time hoping that this is a more productive way for people to understand the information within the document.

This then made us look at other people's infographics, and particularly like the one from the Business Disability Forum which provides interesting insight into how businesses in the UK must begin to place greater importance upon making products and services accessible to everyone, including people with a disability who have a compbined spending power of around £80 billion!

Interesting stuff you will agree and much easier to digest!

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