There have been many kind words said about Amber Support Services, here we share with you some of the testimonials we have received from our clients, their families and relatives and other professional bodies we have been working with.

(Name) confirmed we are doing an amazing job with (name)and you can tell how much we love her just by looking at our faces and how we speak to her. Her improvements are all down to us doing such a fantastic job that we do and more people should drink the Nectar from the Amber Tree 🥰💁‍♀️

Professional (February 2020)

As expected the ladies in the office have been just lovely when chatting about my news. Compared to the previous office environment that I have come from this has really been a breath of fresh air!

Staff Member (February 2020)

It’s really put into perspective what lovely people I work for, thank you you’ve all made me feel really cared for

Staff Member (January 2020)

Thank you very much for helping me with todays meeting. I much appreciate your support for the Client Voice Meeting.

Client Voice Manager (February 2020)

Thank you for all the support you have given me throughout my pregnancy and while working for amber. Have a lovely Christmas and new year 😊 x

Staff Member (December 2019)

Thank you so much everyone at amber have been supportive I appreciate this very much.

Staff Member (January 2020)

Thank you to everyone for your support to me over the last year and a bit

Staff Member (January 2020)

A great big thank you to the wonderful team for making another special day enjoyed by all xx Happy Christmas everyone xx ❤️☃️🎉🎁🎈

Family Facebook About Amber Spotlight (December 2019)

Can I say a big thankyou for being so flexible with my hours, and being so understanding if I need anytime off. I really do enjoy working at Amber, so a big thankyou to all the management team

Staff Member (December 2019)

Have the most fantastic Christmas and thank you to you and your team for the excellent support given to Ben this year.

Outreach Family Member (December 2019)

Just an email to say thank you so much for all your support this year. It has been a challenging year but I would never have got through it without all your support. Despite the challenges I am so pleased to have worked with you all and made it such a fantastic result

Staff Member (December 2019)

Just to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a huge thank you for all your hard work and support!

Family Compliment About Client First (December 2019)

Lovely Talent show today...our very best wishes for Christmas and the coming Year to you and all the Team..🎄🎄🎄

Amber Spotlight (December 2019)

Merry Christmas, it has been a real pleasure working with you this year. Your staff are always so passionate about the care that they provide and are probably the best delegates with whom we work

Training Provider (December 2019)

Thank you for all the hard work throughout the year producing rotas in advance to ensure support/cover for our clients, maintaining their safety and inclusive lives

Client First Compliment (December 2019)

Thank you so much for the clients calendars for Christmas, they’ve all shown me today and were so happy with them, especially Chester, he’s so excited to use it this year!

Supported Living Client (December 2019)

Can I say a big thank you for being so flexible with my hours, and being so understanding if I need anytime off. I really do enjoy working at Amber, so a big thank you to all the management team.

Staff Team (December 2019)

Just a note to thank you so very much for looking after (name) whilst I was away. I can go away and know that (name) is being cared for by Amber and I don't need to worry. Thank you again

Parent Outreach (September 2019)

Thank you for all your support throughout the year

Staff Member (December 2019)

Skills for Care would like to thank you very much once again for your earlier contribution to the shaping of our Good and Outstanding care guide

Skills for Care (May 2018)

Thank you so much for taking such good care of (name) whilst I've been away. I appreciate it so much

Parent Supported Living (October 2019)

You are all amazing and you truly have such an impact on everyone's lives xx you are exceptional people xx

Parent Comment on Facebook (September 2019)

Thank you so much I had the best day ever, love (client name)

Client Day Service (August 2019)

Thank you so much for taking (name) to the Jaguar VIP Experience, I have never seen him so happy. It really means so much what you did for him

Parent Day Service (August 2019)

All the support staff are work very hard indeed with all the clients

Day Service Client at Client Voice Meeting (August 2019)

Thanks for all you’ve done this past year for myself. Xxx

Staff Member (August 2019)

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Amber for all your help and support, as I feel like sometimes that you all don’t get the credit that you all deserve. As a parent/carer it can be very isolating and some days you all are the only people that I talk to. I really appreciate the way you all are so caring. I am not going to leave anyone out as YOU ALL are a great team and do an amazing job and I know this by how happy (names) are. I feel supported as well as (names). They are always telling me about all the fantastic things they do, it is heartwarming to watch them grow;,it’s down to all of you. It gives me a peace of mind that they are in a supportive and caring environment. So I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all, we wouldn’t have been able to get through without your support. You are all brilliant, it is an amazing service and you all go above and beyond your job roles.

Day Service Parent (August 2019)

Hi Katie, thank you for Sammy's amazing gift. It's absolutely fabulous. She is so excited. We're off to the Little Owl Farm shortly. Thank you for giving her such a Special Day yesterday x'

Supported Living Parent (July 2019)

(Name) is doing well and seems much happier generally - I can see that the team are making a difference already (thank you so much). He really enjoyed Eco on Tuesday - at his request, we had to stop-off on the way home for new work wear!

Outreach New Client (May 2019)

Alison has helped me move and settle down nicely and my new flat looks like a Queen's place. Big thank you to Alison for helping me move in and start a fresh life.

New Client Outreach (May 2019)

I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people. I don’t think my recovery or coming back to work would of been as easy had it not been for feeling so supported

Staff Member (April 2019)

Inclusive, Interesting, Fun. Just a lovely place to be and watch what you plant, grow into crops

Amber Eco Project - Past Staff Member (April 2019)

Sarah and me went to travel on a train and on a bus. We went to Longbridge for an appointment and we went shopping for new trainers. We do healthy eating and food shop. I love Amber Bromsgrove

Outreach New Client May 2019)

This is why I love my job ❤️ xx

Staff Member Facebook Comment (May 2019)

This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and for that we are both truly thankful. Without Amber, the experience and the confidence I have gained, I don’t think I would be seen as having such potential

Staff Member (May 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME All staff at Amber are kind and supportive

Supported Living Client (March 2019)

Not really much point to this email other than to say thank you! I highly doubt other companies would have been this supportive and understanding the last few months I’ve been off sick or have been late due to struggling. I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people. I don’t think my recovery or coming back to work would of been as easy had it not been for feeling supported by everyone

Staff Member (May 2019)

A very good day at Amber Eco, Gary. It's so well run now and a totally different environment. Great to see old faces. Our group enjoyed making plant pots from newspapers. Thanks again

School Attending Amber Eco (March 2019)

I called 111 and they got Paramedics out.Wwhen they came they asked alot of questions about (name) and then afterwards both Paramedics said they are so pleased at the staff for knowing the client so well and his needs as they don't come across many homes or support were the staff know their clients so well. I thought I would share this with you all as I have only been with the company for four months and this has made me very proud of what I am achieving. Also (staff name) being here over a year and also knows (name) so well. We were both complimented by the Ambulance Service which I found out that not many professionals give these kind of comments out

Ambulance Service (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME Amber Support Services have been supporting me for 4 years. I have written some words on What Amber Support Services means to me: (A) - Always there to help me (M) - Marvellous and fantastic (B) - Brilliant cooking ideas (E) Encourage me to tidy up (R) - Reassuring me when I am feeling down. Thank you Amber for my fantastic support

Outreach Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME Amber Support Services, like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions but our roots remain the same. I love all of the Amber staff, this is the best place I've ever lived

Supported Living Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME Every morning I wake up with a smile, knowing staff have been waiting a while to help me get ready for my day ahead at Amber Day Service, and out of my warm bed. I get on the bus and the driver I greet, I say hello to all my friends and get my comfy seat. The radios on and I sing along, warming my vocals to my favourite song. When we arrive I put my bag away and find a seat with my support to plan my day; arts, swimming, Spotlight, sports and eco, something new each day to help me grow. I look forward to seeing all of my friends, we make each other happy, and if we fall out we soon make amends. We have fun together, laughter, games and chatting, moments we will treasure for ever and ever. And staff too, make me smile each day, I feel cared for, respected and chesrished in every single way. Amber brings out the talent in me, helps me be the best I can be

Day Service Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME I love Stacey, chocolate and pickle!

Supported Living Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME I loved it when Jess took me on holiday and she takes me to other nice places

Supported Living Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME I'm quiet from my mouth, and they are not sure why. That sometimes I chuckle and sometimes I cry. And if I get grabby, they dont get mad because I am frustrated, upset, lost or sad. They all smile at me and put me at ease. They help with my needs and thats what my support means to me x

Day Service Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME My support keeps me Safe. I visit nice places and ride on steam trains. My support gives me my medicine to keep me healthy

Supported Living Client (March 2019)

WHAT MY SUPPORT MEANS TO ME We are a team and this helps my self-esteem. My support is the best, Amber is better than all the rest. They help me to go to work, I dont want to shirk. We all help each other, this makes me feel like a happy chappy. My support makes me smile, even when we have walked for miles and my feet are sore my support makes it not a chore. Thank you Team Amber! This is what my support means to me

Day Service Client (March 2019)

Attending Amber Day Service has made a massive difference to (name). He is completely different at home and has become a pleasure to have around, I only wish that he could come to Amber every day

Parent Day Service (February 2019)

I like coming to Amber Day Service, I especially like Amber Spotlight as it has helped me to feel more confident

Day Service Client (March 2019)

I love Amber they always listen and action what has been said ..... it's like a family xx

Staff Member (September 2018)

I've seen a huge difference in (name) over the last 12 months. He is a lot more affectionate, doesn’t stress as much as he used to and is much calmer. He doesn’t bite his fingers as much any more. He has really developed a love for music since attending Amber Spotlight; he will now ask me to play songs for him at home and he will try to do the sign language for them.

Parent Day Service

Once again it was a delight to receive your Newsletter. I never cease to be amazed, when I read about all the great things you continue to achieve with People with a Learning Disability. The wide ranging activities catering for individual needs and preferences of each person who uses Ambers service cannot be equalled by any other service I know of! Although I have contributed nothing to Amber Care, I still feel a buzz when I read of the personal and innovative approach that continues to be at the forefront of your service. Keep up the great work. Love and Best Wishes

Client Newsletter (March 2019)

Over the time that I have Worked at Amber Day Service I have seen changes of a positive nature, with the less interactive clients getting involved and enjoying the various workshops we provide. These include installing confidence, promoting independence, helping to learn new motoring skills and life skills. This is very noticeable from parents/carers. Day Service is a constant work in progress where an idea can transform an employee’s and client’s life as we strive every day to make a difference in improving ourselves and the clients

Day Service Staff Member (March 2019)

Such a lovely message on #timetotalkday. Thank you Amber Support

Worcestershire County Council Facebook Comment (February 2018)

It is so refreshing to attend a review where I will not just have to copy and paste notes from the last one because you have actually recognised where things are not working anymore and you have found alternatives to try

Social Worker Annual Client Review (February 2019)

Loved the Christmas Snowcase Event and thank you to the whole of the Day Service Team for the work that you do all year round

Foster Carer Day Service (January 2019)

Lovely to see (name) trying another experience. Well done, so proud of you 😀🍺🚆

Parent Supported Living (February 2019)

OK thanks, I do appreciate it

Client (February 2019)

Thanks very much for sharing this evidence. Whilst our Marketing team are currently reviewing the draft guide, they usually highlight areas for further evidence needed so I suspect your submission will prove useful.Really appreciate the time and effort you and colleagues have put into this

Skills for Care (January 2019)

Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff for all your hard work and patience with (name). We all think you do a great job, thank you again

Parent Supported Living (December 2018)

Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Thank you for all you have done for me

Client Handmade Christmas Card (December 2018)

Thank you so much, all of you for all your help with (name), you all work so hard

Parents Supported Living (December 2018)

The baubles that were given to me still get put each year and remind me about all of you and the wonderful years I spent with clients and staff. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas xx

Ex Staff Member (Christmas 2018)

You have been a great support over the years

Staff Member to Manager (December 2018)

‘’I would like to wish all Outstanding Society members a very Happy Christmas on behalf of all at Skills for Care. Please pass on our thanks to your staff teams for delivering outstanding care throughout the past year and over the festive period. We are grateful for your dedication and commitment to inspiring others to strive to achieve such high standards. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your work as we enter the New Year. All the best for 2019 and your on-going provision of care and support to the people who need it the most. Kind regards, Sharon Allen CEO, Skills for Care"

Skills for Care CEO (December 2018)

Lovely to see you all tonight! Thank you again for making (name)'s night as she really loved you all being there

Client Pantomime (December 2018)

A remarkable 100% of people ‘trust the leaders in my organisation’ and 94.3% believe they ‘clearly communicate the organisation’s vision’ 91.4% consider ‘leaders motivate me to achieve my best’. This concurred with the findings from the Analysis Review carried out earlier this year by an independent provider. It was remarkable how many staff commented upon the visibility on a day to day basis, of not only their manager but also that of the CEO

Investors in People (Awarded Gold December 2018

(Mum) said she was really happy that Amber Support staff have only just started supporting (son) and have already sent in referrals for physio and hydro pool as his previous support company hadn't done anything in all the years they had him

Physiotherapy Exercises with Family (November 2018)

(Staff name) is doing an excellent job with (son) and we are very grateful to him.

Outreach Parent (October 2018)

Amber were found to have a number of particular areas of strength during the assessment and this included inspirational leadership, a strong culture, strong staff engagement and the core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what Amber values.

Investors in People (Awarded Gold December 2018

Without exception everyone interviewed is extremely passionate about the work they do and this is reflected in the online assessment with a remarkable 100% of responses stating ‘My organisation is a great place to work and has a bright future’. This also correlates with the Amber staff survey reporting a high percentage that people are happy with the culture and ‘a great company to work for and I love my job’

Investors in People (Awarded Gold December 2018

Would like to acknowledge the open, honest and constructive conversations held with everyone throughout the interviews. The onsite assessment presented a unanimous positivity and enthusiasm from staff and management, everyone is extremely passionate about the work they do. People talked about their desires to provide the clients with the best opportunities that life can offer

Investors in People (Awarded Gold December 2018)

I wanted to let you know how outstanding (name) and (name) were on Saturday when (name) was in Worcester Hospital. They were highly professional at all times, calming (name), ensuring she had food and drink, dispensing her meds. (Name) especially went above and beyond the call of duty, she wasn't even on duty!!! Both (husband) and I were impressed with the level of care given to our little sis for which we are truly grateful, well done girls!

Supported Living Client's Sister (November 2018)

Just a really quick one before I forget what he said! We just received a verbal compliment from Burt the bus. He said, 'He can't believe how we all look after our clients'. He said, 'we're all amazing'. 'He doesn't see that everyday' I thought this was lovely! Thanks xxx

Community Bus Service Driver (November 2018)

Just a very quick message! Myself, Sophie, Amy, Rose and Leigh wanted to compliment and say a massive thank you to Ann for planning such a lovely holiday for the ladies. The ladies enjoyed every minute and have made many great new memories to cherish. Ann helped myself and Sophie to feel comfortable and organised on our first client holiday, and not only that but she helped us to relax and enjoy it too!

Staff Compliment to Trips and Activities Champion (October 2018)

Thank you so much for the photo of (name). She looks happy and well. I so much appreciate the wonderful care she is receiving from you all. Thank you so much once again xx

Supported Living Parent (September 2018)

We are so very Happy with the move to Amber. (Name) is back to the (name) that his Family and Friend’s all new before he went to live in Evesham. He’s going out and about with his friends at (location name). Also (Name's) Housemate has brought him out of himself with communication and banter.

Supported Living Parent (October 2018)

We want to thank you and (name) for everything you did for (client name) during this crisis. We know it isn't easy coping with her, you both deserve a medal, thanks again.

Client's Sister (November 2018)

I really enjoy supported living and feel very fulfilled and appreciated when working in the houses. I really enjoy every aspect of supporting the clients to lead fulfilled lives within their home and the community.

Staff Member (September 2018)

Luckily I've found some support work for elderly, evenings only so works around kids. Holding out for Amber to come to Monmouth, Hereford or Abergavenny

Ex Staff Member (October 2018)

You'll all amazing and all should be ever so proud of yourself, Keep it up, i would love to learn how to sign ❤ xx

Facebook Comment (1 of Many!) October 2018

I know she is in good hands and I appreciate what you are all doing very much

Parent Supported Living (September 2018)

So lovely to see you today. Thank you so much for looking after (name) so well. I really appreciate it

Family Member (October 2018)

I love the video! Thank you for sharing it. I do remember the grant funding, and that Amber used it exactly how it was intended. I also remember the first pictures of the dog walking team with one hopelessly outnumbered, but very happy, dog. I'm impressed that you've "grown" the gardening project and 400 bottles is no mean feat! If these hot summers persist I look forward to seeing Amber wines in all the major supermarkets across the country.

Commissioner (August 2018)

Amazing job! God Bless you! All

Facebook Comment (August 2018)

Thankyou so much Jacqui I will miss you. Thank you so much for your support xx

Leaving Member of Staff (September 2018)

Amber Spotlight shared Amber Support Services's post: "With over 35,000 views we are completely overwhelmed with the success of this video!! We hope it has reached far and wide to send our message!! Please keep sharing this post so as we can get more views!! Thank you so much!!"

Staff Member on Facebook This is Me Video (August 2018)


Facebook Comment (August 2018)

Awesome. Kudos to you all

Facebook Comment on This is Me Video (August 2018)

Great endorsement of what you and your organisation provide and enable

Linkedin Comment (July 2018)

Hello all. Just want to say had an amazing time being part of the Amber family I will truly miss you all and the clients I have supported over my time with you - you guys have been fabulous to work for I wish you every success for the future. Go team amber ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Best regards and love. Keep shining, keep going team Amber xxxx

Leaving Member of Staff Supported Living (August 2018)

I just can’t get over how fantastic you are with (name) when you support her. It’s so brilliant - you make her feel good about herself. It’s so important that others see someone like (name) as a person who has the same right as others, to be respected and heard and not to feel inferior and ill at ease. I really appreciate your kind concern.

Family Member (August 2018)

This is beautiful!

Facebook Comment on This is Me Video (August 2018)

We wouldn’t be here without you (name) :)

Manager of Care Organisation (June 2018)

Well done guys

Facebook Comment (August 2018)

Great performance and hugely creative. Xx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

Well done everyone!

Client's Sister Supported Living (August 2018)

Absolutely brilliant!!! 🎉

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

I cried all through it. Its absolutely lovely, sniff, sniff

Family Member (July 2018)

I'd spotted, shared and tagged about five friends who have links to Signing/Makaton. I have BSL NVQ 6, so very close to my heart (plus it has my (name) in it). It looks smashing, lovely job

Family Member (July 2018)

It’s so amazing!! Xx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

Keep up the good work (name) that you and your co workers do it is amazing best wishes from Unky Stephen xx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

This is just awesome, loved it :)

Linkedin Comment (July 2018)

Hi my name is Sam and I currently work in (shop name). Just wanted to say a massive Well Done! You guys all work so hard and I think it’s amazing what u do. I often see u come in with the men and women and I think it’s lovely how u guys support them so just wanted to say Well Done keep up the hard work you guys r all great xx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

Love this so much wow 21K views xxx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

So amazing I have shared with the British sign language pages too 💓

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

This is marvellous! I have learned a bit of sign through songs before and this is just brilliant! Also an amazing song! Well done everyone!xXx

Facebook Comment (July 2018)

I have the pleasure of working with (Name). There are many favourite moments but meeting her family was very emotional but so worth it, made me realise what my job was all about meant so much to a lot for people. Also going on holiday (name) didn't stop smiling and came right out of her shell from pulling me along the dance floor to opening up about her past and telling me how she feels. The trust and bond that I have made with (name)and other clients will last a life time. It makes me overwhelmed with happiness to be a part of so many amazing people's lives. I also am looking forward to progressing in my career here as I'm doing my level 2 and hope to complete level 3 too. Because I can!

Staff Competition (July 2018)

I think i can speak on behalf of all of us at Amber who did this performance and would like to say thank you so much for your lovely kind words, we are all so proud of all of them. I can't wait to tell them tomorrow how well they have done and to see their faces will be priceless. Thank you all again we loved making this video and the meaning of it means everything to us :) we are all worth it THIS IS ME !!! xx

Staff Member (July 2018)

It was fab !....it was so great to see what they get up to, I hear it sometimes upstairs but now I can see the finished product - brilliant !

Staff Member (July 2018)

I am gobsmacked for what we have done so far. Let keep on singing from the bottom of our hearts for Amber Support Services

Client Comment on Facebook (July 2018)

An outstanding application form!

Aspiring Managers Feedback (July 2018)

I would just like to say my best moment at Amber was when I had a client poorly in my care on a late evening and I had to get paramedics out to them. The support from (staff name) was outstanding. On the phone she supported me but also (staff name) then dropped everything to come to the service and support me right from the start to finish. That is what I think team effort is

Staff Competition (July 2018)

My favourite Amber Moment has to be (name's) beautiful smile when she received her treats from her favourite football team. She was so happy and I'm sure her infectious smile made many others happy too

Staff Competition Winner (July 2018)

My happiest moment was on holiday a few weeks ago with clients. Sitting over the pier and (name) started to cry and when asked why, she said she was sad to be going home. One of the other client's said don’t be upset we’ll go again won’t we Ann. It made me feel so happy

Staff Competition (July 2018)

This is so hard and I can’t pick just one so I’m going to do two! The first was the day (client) learnt my name - she called me Natalie for well over a year and then one day it clicked! Now all I hear is “(Name), (Name), (Name)” and I love it!! The next was recently and the day that (name) called me to . . . . . . I felt so valued and it gave me the biggest confidence boost I’ve ever had!

Staff Competition (July 2018)

Hi my name is (name) and I currently work in Poundland. Just wanted to say a massive 'Well done'. You guys all work so hard and I think it’s amazing what you do. I often see you come in with the men and women and I think it’s lovely how you guys surport them so just wonted to say 'Well done' keep up the hard work you guys are all great xx

Member of the Public (July 2018)

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know and say thank you for all the opportunities Amber has provided me with. I have learnt so many skills which I can take forward into my nursing career! I’ve had a great time supporting clients and working as part of the team, so thank you!

Staff Member Leaving to Become a Nurse (July 2018)

I am just writing to you on behalf of (name) - thank you for the beautiful birthday card and present. (Name) was absolutely delighted with her "Chip" ornament/mug. It is really gorgeous. Such a lovely choice. Thanks once again.

Family Member (July 2018)

Thank you for including me in all this, I meant what I said today I feel such a big sense of purpose and value

Staff Member (June 2018)

Hi, I am a Lazio supporter and we are sharing this video on Lazio fan pages. So happy my favorite football team made this girl so happy. Thank you for sharing this touching moment with us 💙

Facebook Comment (June 2018)

I’m just sat at home getting the photos from you Alison and thinking what an amazing place I work for. The fact that we can give someone the opportunity like (client name) to experience a holiday after what she has been through. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and this makes it all worth while. She looks so happy and proud to be where she is and the fact that Alison is sending me photos makes it feel more like a family than anything. I’m so proud to work for you. Having (family member) with learning disabilities has scared me since he was born but knowing that there are people like you out there that dedicate their lives to support people who can’t support themselves puts me at ease and makes me less scared of the future for him. I know now for certain this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I’ve had a little epiphany! Thank you both xx

Staff Member (June 2018)

Thanks for your continued hard work and commitment to the service users

Advance Social Worker Practitioner (June 2018)

Wow looks amazing. Hello to all. And look at (name's) smile. I miss that smile 😃

Ex Staff Member (June 2018)

Look how happy she is, you must be so pleased x

Friends and Family on Facebook (June 2018)

Paramedics were very impressed with our hospital book. They said they have never come across that before and loved how all the info was included that they would need to know

Paramedics Feedback (June 2018)

They all look very happy. 😁

Facebook Comment (June 2018)

This is excellent news on my penultimate day!!! Well done all!!

Social Worker (May 2018)

Just a quick note to say thank you (and all the other staff) for the support to (name) to get his party sorted. It was a great night and really pleased to see how many people came along to wish him a happy birthday! (brilliant that (name)l helped organise the whole thing..)

Family Member (May 2018)

Amber is a great company to work for, I have known (name) for years and she is great, the people who work for her are very passionate

CEO of External Organisation (May 2018)

This is great thank you . . .Thank you once again for all your help

Care Organisation (May 2018)

I really enjoy seeing how the company is growing on Facebook. Everyone looks so happy and it helps me keep up with the people who still mean so much to me.

Ex Staff Member (May 2018)

Just had a call from Angie who forgot to tell me earlier that the paramedics were very impressed with our Hospital Book. They said they have never come across that before and loved how all the info was included that they would need to know.

Paramedics (May 2018)

Just thought I would email you, to thank you and your team for looking after (client name). As you know (client name) will be finishing Uni in May and will be back at Uni at the end of September. Many thanks again

Family Member (May 2018)

Thank you for the lovely pics. Lovely evening, really enjoyed it. Thanks again

Family Member (May 2018)

Thank you to all...you are all amazingly talented..xxx

Staff Member (May 2018)

Wish you all a great performance today....show everyone how great you are and how hard you have all worked

Staff Member (May 2018)

You guys are totally amazing ... looking forward to the next one already!

Family Member on Amber Spotlight (May 2018)

It was good to meet you today and thank you for all the input you provided, it made it very enjoyable for me to have someone open, honest and keen to learn.

Developmental & Executive Coach Level 7 (May 2018)

Just thought I would email you, to thank you and your team for looking after (name). As you know (name) will be finishing Uni

Parent (May 2018)

Thank you for making us feel so welcome last night Xx

Client's Auntie (May 2018)

Thanks for all you have done for me and the opportunities you gave me

Leaving Member of Staff (April 2018)

I received a call from a gentleman called (name) today. He saw (name) out with a client in a cafe in Worcester this week and spent some time watching him support his client. He thought (name) was doing a great job! He was so impressed that he asked (name) for details of the company who he worked for and contacted me today to ask about vacancies

Member of the Public (April 2018)

Many thanks to Team 18 for all the hard work put in for (name) party. We appreciate all you did

Supported Living Family Member (April 2018)

So much appreciated. Thank you so much for looking after (name) and (name), you star

Day Service Family Member (March 2018)

Happy International Women's Day (name) and (name) @AmberSupport #womenwhoworkhard #strong #proud #inspire #ladyboss

Staff Member on Twitter (March 2018)

Thank you for all your help last weekend

Parent Supported Living (March 2018)

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support during my time at Amber, I will miss it far more than you probably realise. I wish you all the very best in the future

Leaving Staff Member (February 2018)

I have visited (name) on several occasions, in the company of several of her support workers. I have seen some lovely interaction and been able to speak with staff in some detail to get an overview of communication

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (January 2018)

Just a little message for you to know how much we appreciate you. (Name) and I never wanted someone to come in to our house and look after our daughter but we feel so so blessed to have you in our lives. (Name) adores you and so do we just wanted you to know how you have changed our lives. Soppy I know sorry, just wanted you to know. See you tomorrow and thanks so much for treating (name) the way you do, much love to you xx

Outreach Family Member (January 2018)

I am sooo proud of you (staff name), you all make such a difference to people's lives and are angels in disguise...xxxx 😘


Thank you is just a simple phrase but I'm hoping that you know I'm grateful for so many things, as this little card will show. In heartfelt words it says - 'Thank you for being helpful, thank you for just being you!'. I am really grateful for everything you do

Day Service Family (February 2018)

Thank you so much for looking after (client names). You star

Day Service Parent (February 2018)

Thanks so much for today. You are really great with (client name) and we really appreciate your unfaltering support


Congratulations Amber fantastic support


Thank you so much to yourself and (staff name) for going the extra mile in helping (client name) obtain a cat. It is so appreciated


Happy New Year. I have just spoken to (client name) and he has expressed that his care and support is going well from Amber Care and Support. Thank you for the support you have been providing (client name) it’s good to hear that this is working well for him.



SOCIAL CARE AWARDS 2018 (January 2018)

It is always a pleasure working with Amber Support Services – your staff are always so passionate and caring

Training Provider (January 2018)

Quite right too. Well done!

Family Member on news Amber Support had gained a further Award (January 2018)

Just want to say a massive thank you for all of your support over the last 5 weeks, I am really looking forward to the future at Amber and I cant wait for 2018 to start so that we can start to see some of our plans taking shape! :)

Staff Member (December 2017)

Thank you for every thing that you do! Do you ever have time off work? It's Sunday and you are still replying to emails!! xx

Staff Member to Director (JANUARY 2018)

I think he's really enjoyed all the Christmas activities, been to parties he keeps telling us. We wanted to pay tribute to your staff at (location) for all their hard work and support and how brilliant they are with (client name). Also a big thank you to you and all the staff at the Day Service, Eco and Active for all their hard work with (client name) too. Hope you and everyone at Amber have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Client's Family (December 2017)

Thank you for everything

Client Card (December 2017)

Thanks for supporting us and believing in the social values of libraries. We love being in the heart of our community. Modern libraries offer so much more than just books and are a safe space open to all

Bromsgrove Library on Twitter (January 2018)

A big thank you for all your hard work and support with (client name). Very much appreciated

Client's Family (December 2017)

A big thank you for all your hard work and support with (client name) very much appreciated. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Family Supported Living (December 2017)

I just wanted to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also wanted to say a big thank you for everything that you've done for me this year. Your continued support doesn't go unnoticed. It really has been an absolute pleasure to work here, THANK YOU XXX Enjoy the festivities but most of all enjoy the break. No two people deserve it more

Staff Member (December 2017)

Thank you both for supporting this move, I could not have done this without you being so helpful and co-operative, as well as caring and supportive to (client name). You go above and beyond with providing support to your service users, obviously putting them first when it comes to care provision. I am very impressed with Amber Care Services, and will be singing your praises. Thank you to all involved in supporting (client name). She is a lucky lady to have such caring people looking out for her.

Social Worker (December 2017)

A massive well done to (staff name) today in turning (client name) round from a negative situation, I appreciate it wasn’t easy. Thanks again for all your support it is really appreciated

Client's Brother (December 2017)

(Name) asked me to thank Amber Support Services for their support while he was with (other organisation) and wishes us all the best in the future. He said it was a pleasure working with us and to pass on my wishes to (staff name)

Deputy Manager of Another Agency (December 2017)

Thank you for looking after (client name) so well

Client's Grandma (December 2017)

Best Care Plan I have ever seen in a home. Brilliant and has all the information I need

Paramedic Feedback (November 2017)

I'm feeling really jubilant! What a fab mornings work - thanks so much you were great with (client name)

Family Member (December 2017)

Really fantastic to meet you today and thank you for sparing time to come and visit our showcase facility. It was fantastic to hear details of your innovative and dynamic approach to care provision and there is so much synergy in the way that our two organisations are approaching the key challenges and opportunities

Assistive Technology Organisation (November 2017)

Sometimes I forget to thank the people who make my life happy. Sometimes I forget to tell them how much I appreciate them. So thank you, all of you, just for being here for me

Family Member (November 2017)

Not sure what (staff name) has done tonight but (daughter) has called me tonight saying she is so happy and Amber are the best company ever and she loves all her staff. I just wanted to say thank you for making (daughter) happy and all that Amber do

Family Member (November 2017)

Hi Chester, I have just got the November Newsletter. I don't see much of the old network gang these days and your regular Newsletters are a great way for me to keep up with some old friends. A lot of work is obviously put into your Newsletter, but I want you and everybody at Amber to know how much I always enjoy it and look forward to the next one! It often makes me sad that so many things for people with Learning Disabilities have disappeared and there has not been a lot to replace them. When I hear about all the great things that are happening at Amber Support Service it really cheers me up again! Please give my love to Jacqui and Alison and I will try to pop in and see you in the near future. Keep up the great work! Best wishes

Professional (October 2017)

Thank you for being part of the National Citizen Service Journey with YMCA Worcestershire. The Team would love to invite you to the amazing Graduation

YMCA Worcestershire (October 2017)

Today I feel so Effectively Well-lead in order to support Responsively with a Caring and Safe manner!

Staff Member Inspired by KLOE (November 2017)

You and your team have been brilliant. The level of understanding shown by everyone at Amber was outstanding. I can confidently say that (name) would not have lasted as long as he had if it had not been for the support he received

Probation Officer (November 2017)



Both Stacey and Sam have been fabulous, I can't thank them enough for helping me to settle in and become part of the team.

New Member of Staff (August 2017)

He does keep tabs on what is going on with Amber, he has insisted on using the Ryland Centre on a Friday for some exercise as he knows that you guys are there for that session. He made important relationships during his time with you and he often talks about you

Past Family Member (August 2017)

He loves it!

Day Service Family Feedback (August 2017)

I am so impressed how (client's name)'s health has improved since you have been supporting her. Not only has she lost a stone in weight but her overall health, attitude and self esteem has grown so much

Client's Personal Training (September 2017)

Just to put into writing my compliment of your new member of staff (name). When I visited today I found her to be very relaxed around the clients and was good at encouraging (client name) to carry out tasks for herself. I really didn't feel like she'd only been there two days. She certainly came across as very competent and natural. I think she will be a very valuable member of the team

Social Worker (September 2017)

Hi Jacqui, Lovely working with you today. Feel very productive with everything that we got done

Staff Member (August 2017)

Hi ya just want to personally thank you for the new sleep room stuff; looks great really appreciate it and your efforts

Staff Member (August 2017)

Hi, I quite enjoyed today it was a good way to help the people who needed it. It was nice to meet the people there and interact with them

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Hi, Jacqui, I called at Amber Eco today to visit old pals. I was amazed at all the hard work the staff and guys have put in to improve things. So many crops. Everyone seems really happy in their work and the raised beds for wheelchair users are a great innovation. Well done AMBER. Hello and love to all x

Past Staff Member (August 2017)

Hiya, I enjoyed today. Thought it was a good way for the team to engage with each other. The girls I was with thought it was good and have done really well. We had good interactions with some of the guys who were there

Amber Eco Graduate Ambassador Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you all for all the support you have given me over the past nearly 3 years. I will always be grateful for the support given to me not only whilst actively working but also whilst on maternity leave. I feel very lucky to have worked at Amber and with the team. I wish the company all the best in the future. I feel grateful to have met so many amazing individuals, many of the clients will always make me smile looking back. And I'm sure all will know (name)'s cheeky smile and personality will always make me chuckle, and the day he spoke just one word to me will be a day I will remember for a long time. So for many reasons I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to work at such a wonderful place. I will forever support Amber and if there is anything I can ever do I'm here

Leaving Member of Staff (August 2017)

Jacqui, just a little message to say thank you for all you do and your help and support. You truly are an inspiration and dont know how you do it.

Staff Member (August 2017)

So lovely to see her looking so happy. Can't tell you how pleased I am that her life will now be so different and positive for her!

Social Worker (August 2017)

Thank you so much for arranging my meeting with Sam and for the opportunity as Support Worker. After a lot of consideration I have decided that the weekend work would not allow me the time to carry on with my holistic therapies and counselling studies as people often ask for them at weekends. Please pass on my thanks to Sam for meeting me and taking the time to share her passions and knowledge to me last week. I really appreciated it and it was really difficult making this decision. I am going to stay in childcare for the time being and would like to wish you all at Amber Support my best wishes for your continued growth and the brilliant care you provide

Recruitment Process Feedback (August 2017)

You're a star (staff name) there is not many like you

Family Member (August 2017)

I enjoyed today as it kept me up and about - the lady who guided us was very nice and I felt like I did something useful so I enjoyed even more

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

I have spoken to (name) family and they are happy with this proposal and were very complimentary in relation to the service (name) is receiving from Amber

Social Care Worker (August 2017)

Gary, just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, your team, and the people you support, for coming to support our Sports event at The Abbey Stadium on 30th June. It was great to see how positive your team are and how well they supported and included people in the activities. Hope we can join forces and do something similar in the future

Dimensions Locality Manager (July 2017)

I have spoken to (name) family and they are happy with this proposal and were very complimentary in relation to the service (name) is receiving from Amber.

Social Worker (August 2017)

I thought today was good as we got to see how the Amber project benefited those who attend. However, I probably wouldn't do it again.

Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Its was an good idea to do but I would like to do it again because I found that it was something different and something that got me up and about. I enjoyed it a lot

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Today at the Amber Project was really good. Val showed us around and told us all about what the project does. We met two clients and understood what it meant to them and how much it helped them. It was a great opportunity to help out and was a pleasure to help make the door of the poly tunnel functional again for the winter. I wish it lasted longer.

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Today was very different to the other days, and it was interesting to see and do something that I wouldn't otherwise have ever done

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Today was very engaging for YP'S with there being various tasks for them to do depending on their likes and dislike. Val gave clear and concise instructions to the young people as well as providing insightful knowledge about the service's users and their organisation. Val has great communication skills and although we were only there for a day...a rapport with the young peoples was built.

Professionals Team Leader Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Today was very good and we had lots of activities to do. I did some weeding and helped out around the project. Overall it was a good day and was fun.

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Val was very nice and I enjoyed gardening

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Very friendly, really enjoyed myself and good time length with different choices of activity

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Went good I enjoyed the door sorting... Val was nice

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Went well, enjoyed sorting out the door for the greenhouse.

Amber Eco Student Project Group Visiting Amber Eco (August 2017)

Hi (staff name) I just wanted to thank you again for a marvellous evening last night. It was such fun chatting and laughing and I am so thrilled about our plans. Take care and we hope to see you soon

Supported Living Family Member (July 2017)

Hi (staff name), just wanted to say a big thank you and a big hug from me - its so nice to come home to a lovely tidy house! Thank you so, so much

Family Member (July 2017)

Morning would just like to say it was lovely finally meeting you yesterday and enjoyed supporting with you 🌸🌸🌸x

Staff Member Feedback to Director (August 2017)

Thanks for all your support and hard work, again, with (name)

Social Worker (August 2017)

Absolutely Brilliant

Client Review Feedback (July 2017)

Great support and I am finally on the road with Amber and all my support

Client Feedback (July 2017)

I would just like to say thank you again for the opportunities yourself and Amber have granted me. In the last 3 years I have developed skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life and also allowed me to grow as a person. I guess as a reward for the hard work over the 3 years in both university and Amber is to be sat now merely 20 metres from the edge of Lake Como enjoying the view!

Bank Staff Member (July 2017)

Thank you Jacqui for your support. It does make a difference

Staff Member (July 2017)

Thank you for sending this information and also for our meeting. Much appreciated

Family Member Supported Living (July 2017)

I am writing this letter to say thank you for having me for my work experience, it was a pleasure to meet everyone at Amber Eco. I have enjoyed digging out weeds, planting plants in soil and cutting around apple trees. I have learnt alot about gardening and have found it very interesting. The help we got was brilliant because every time we needed help we would ask and be shown what to do. Again, I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me

Rigby Hall School Student - Amber Eco Project (July 2017)

Hello Jacqui I really miss you a lot. Can you tell me when I next have you as my support worker please? (Further response:) I hope to see you on Friday morning this week Jacqui. And I really hope you and I can spend more time together during the summer holidays. From you kind friend (name)

Message from Client to Director (June 2017)

I cant remember the name of the lady who brought in (client name) today, might be Ann? She is a lovely lady got stuck in like you do. It was noticed by others how involved she got xx

External Project Trainer (July 2017)

Really impressed with Amber Support and the opportunities opened for (client name) have been amazing. Really impressed as can see horizons opening for (client name). He finally has a voice - amazing whats been achieved with bills and activities

Client's Sister (July 2017)

Had a lovely evening yesterday supporting (name) at the Stars in the Sky Ball. (Name) had a great time and so did I. Just want to say thank you for letting me return to Amber, I am loving working for Amber again and this is down to the management and to Stacey for being an amazing Team Leader

Staff Member (June 2017)

I am writing to say thank you for having me at Amber Eco for the year. I've had fun and learnt a lot about gardening and real hands on work and it was enlightening doing new things that I never knew. It was great meeting all of the people at Amber Eco that includes you (staff name); they helped when it was needed and the demonstrations were so well done that we knew what to do. My highlights were planting, digging and picking. Thank you again for having me it was a pleasure

Rigby Hall School Student - Amber Eco Project (July 2017)

I wish to thank all for the support given over the years not only since being on maternity leave but whilst actively working. I have never been shown as much management support as Jacqui, Alison and yourself have shown working else where

Staff Member on Maternity (June 2017)

Thank you for help and support. I really enjoyed working at Amber Eco - I learnt to dig and make the place nice and clean at the end of the day

Rigby Hall School Student - Amber Eco Project (July 2017)

Brilliant Service!

Family Member on Facebook (May 2017)

I'd like to thank you for the amazing opportunity you've given me by working for Amber, my time here has not only allowed me to benefit my life but also all those I've had the chance to support. It has to have been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far. Through Amber I've managed to grow as a person, becoming more confident and learning new skills I can transfer with me throughout my career. Thank you for the wonderful experiences and great memories Amber has provided me with

Bank Staff Member Leaving for New Career (June 2017)

It goes without saying that your support when I first came into post and Neil’s fantastic presentation at our annual event was incredible and very much appreciated. I hope that in the future we may be able to work together again


Still loving this place!

Staff Member (June 2017)



Hi Jacqui, I just wanted to thank you personally for your support while working with Amber and for letting me use the Day Service for fundraising

Leaving Member of Staff (May 2017)

Just had a lovely compliment. (Name) approached me to say she had never seen (name) so happy and whatever we are doing back at the house is obviously working!

Disco Club (March 2017)

You also are doing a great job with (name), the difference in his confidence and speech is so noticeable since he's been with you guys. Well done

Evening Activity Disco (April 2017)

I think that Amber is a very good company to work for and are always looking for ways to improve and move forward with the times. Jacqui and Alison inspire and encourage their staff and clients to be confident, independent and move forward, they have high standards which they support everyone to achieve. Jacqui and Alison want the best for everyone, they give the best support and commitment, they are always improving looking forward and thinking of others, they both give 110% to ensure that Amber is the best

Retiring Member of Staff (March 2017)



I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance and believing in me enough to do so and offer me the job

Recruitment Process (February 2017)

It’s been lovely to work with you and your organisation, and a pleasure to have you as one of our winners in the Social Care Awards!

Social Care Awards (January 2017)

I have started having you only for one week and I'm loving having you for my support best decision made

New Supported Living Client (December 2016)

Really inspiring visit at Amber Support this week. #Innovation #Leadership no wonder they are #Outstanding Thanks for warm welcome

Aged Care Channel (January 2017)

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say it was lovely catching up with you again yesterday and thank you so much for showing us around. We really were blown away with everything you have achieved to date and I absolutely loved the bungalow and Amber Eco as did Sue (although my Suede heels not so much….I’ll definitely bring my Wellies next time I come.. still sporting a slight heel though of course J )


Amber is a fantastic company compared to . . . a good job otherwise I would not have found Amber and they are fantastic

Supported Living Client (November 2016)

The support I have received from the seniors is fantastic. Any questions I have asked have all been dealt with. It has re-established the 'pride' that I have in this job. Knowing that we are supported and encouraged all the way

Staff Member (January 2017)

You and your firm have done a good job looking after (name) and (name) especially when (name) was on her own. So thank you

Client's Advocate (December 2016)

Thank you for all your personal in put together with the consistently reliable and excellent care that Amber provides. We have never looked back since we appointed your services - indeed it was the best decision we could have made for mom

Mother of Senior Client (October 2016)

Alison and Jacqui are the most positive thing about Amber, I have nothing negative to say. Always there at the end of the phone to assist feel fully supported

Staff Member Feedback (September 2016)

(name) and myself are very happy with the service and care provided

Family Survey Outreach (September 2016)

Also thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain confidence and develop. I'm very proud and feel so much more confident in myself with what I am doing and achieving with my clients and throughout the company. Thank you for all your support

Staff Member (August 2016)

Feel really happy in my role and want to learn and progress within Amber

Staff Member (September 2016)

Amber Support Services go above and beyond any expectations in order to fulfill Amber's 'Because You Can' promise and deliver a service which is uniquely tailored to the clients wants and needs

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

Can't fault Amber Support, they are brilliant

New Client Survey - Supported Living (August 2016)

I am extremely happy with the service Amber Support provides - the staffing levels are very good to deal with client's complex needs and all are kind, friendly and approachable. My young man has become far more settled in himself and he is far more relaxed and less prone to behavioural outbursts since attending Amber. I just wish I could get him one extra day a week and his care plan would be ideal for him

Family Day Service Annual Survey (September 2016)

I am happy at Amber it is one of the best places I have worked at – here we have time to talk to the clients

Staff Member (September 2016)

I attended my first Client's Voice Meeting today, I just wanted to say that I was very impressed as I didn't fully appreciate what the meeting meant for the clients until I participated in this meeting today, I think its fantastic that the clients have a voice and Chester is lovely.

Staff Member Reference Client Voice (September 2016)

The team are like a close knit family. We all work well as a team and are always there to help each other. I feel support from my managers is great

Staff Member Feedback (September 2016)

What a great place to work

Facebook Comment (September 2016)

Congratulations on the outstanding rating - it's not a simple process reaching that standard of service - it takes true dedication of the entire team. Well done to all at Amber Support on this achievement !

Industry Magazine (July 2016)

I feel that it is an amazing service which has allowed my family to have a life. The staff are always there to support as a family and bring out the best in my son and daughter. They are a great team of people

Family Day Service Annual Survey (September 2016)

I have accepted the offer of a teaching assistant post. I'm quite sad to leave. I hope it's obvious that I have really enjoyed my time with you. I've learned so much and the experience of working in groups and 1-1's has helped develop my skills. Thanks for those opportunities

Staff Member (July 2016)

I enjoyed the Induction Training Course, I found it to be very informative and interactive with plenty of opportunity to be involved with other people working in groups and on my own. Our instructor was excellent at keeping us interested which enabled me to learn new things and refresh the knowledge I already held. The Induction Training I attended in-house was also very informative and gave me a better overview of Amber Support which I enjoyed and was able to ask questions which the training had the relevant answers. I have also completed E-Learning Courses and learned from this

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

I live far away but always there with my heart...Amberised for life :) lots of love to all xx

Ex Staff Member (August 2016)

I feel the Induction Training Course went really well, very straight forward, good hand outs to refer back to

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

I am stunned with the benefit of interaction between (name) and Sam. This is so much better than I ever expected

Supported Living Family Member (July 2016)

I find them very helpful and very supportive to me and my family. My kids love going there which as a parent takes a whole weight off my shoulders to know they are happy. The staff are amazing

New Client Survey - Day Service (August 2016)

I would just like to say how pleased I am with Alison and Sam. They are working so well with (name) who is very complex (as you are aware). They are very creative, positive and person centred in their work and always keep me updated

Triage and Intervention Social Worker (July 2016)

It's great I'm really enjoying it

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

Me and my mum are more than happy with Sam

New Client Survey - Supported Living (August 2016)

Perfectly happy with the support given to us by Amber Care. Jon and Ann are caring and supportive to (name) and myself. Everyone has been so good. Would recommend to anyone

New Client Survey - Outreach (August 2016)

Since joining I have really enjoyed my time with Amber Support and getting to know everyone especially the clients and I have been made to feel welcome by all

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

Stacey has been a total professional from the first day we were introduced. Her 'Can Do' attitude and attention to detail together with a consistently cheerful disposition has restored our faith in home services for my elderly mother. Stacey certainly deserves recognition for her special qualities and her potential to train others to the same high standards.

Outreach Family, Carers and Relatives Survey (July 2016)

Support and training amazing - never felt so supported in a job

Staff Induction Training Survey (August 2016)

We think yourself and Alison are amazing ladies and love how you support all your team and clients nothing is too much

Staff Member (July 2016)

I have spoken to safeguarding and they feel we are doing a good job to keep (name) safe so thanks again for all your work with her

Triage and Intervention Social Work Team (July 2016)

I just want to say now how impressed I am with Sam - she is one in a million

Supported Living Family Member (June 2016)

Everything seems to be under control and we are extremely satisfied that she is happy and all her needs are properly met. I regularly ask her if she would like anything done differently and she consistently says everything is just the way she likes it so that is a massive vote of confidence to you and your team. Thank you.

Outreach Family Member (May 2016)

'I have bought you a surprise because you are so kind to me'


I wish to thank you for all your help with my wife. Your caring support gave me back my wife which I thought I was going to lose. She is much better now and so once again thank you for all your support

Outreach Family Member (May 2016)

Thank you for acting as a Mentor for our student, on the Foundation Degree in Dementia Studies during 2015/16. As Course Leader I really do appreciate the support you give to our students. Your contribution greatly enhances the quality of the Foundation Degree in Dementia Studies. I hope we can work together in the future.

Senior Lecturer University of Worcester (June 2016)

I am so pleased that we have got such lovely carers. You truly are carer by name carer by nature. Dad so enjoys your visits and it means a lot to me to know he's safe

Outreach Family Member (April 2016)

Thank you to you and Alison for being such lovely managers and have the time to listen and also for being great mentors. I just want to strive forward as I love my job

Staff Member (April 2016)

I have nothing but great things to say about the company and wish you all the very best in the future.

Ex Staff Member (April 2016)

Thank you for taking time out to show us around the project this morning. It was great to meet the staff and service users. Your enthusiasm is truly inspirational!

SENDIASS Volunteer Co-Ordinator (March 2016)

That's great, congratulations to yourself and the staff team.

Living Autism on CQC Outstanding (March 2016)

Amber Support is the best company I have ever worked for in my years in Health and Social Care. All managers are so supportive

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

We are so thrilled and pleased with the care that you and your lovely team deliver to us. So thank you so much for all you do for us. I send the whole team my grateful thanks and love

Outreach Client's Wife (April 2016)

All staff are fantastic, a lot better than my experience of having a Personal Assistant

Client Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

Are you happy with the support your get and the things you like to do? 100% Are you happy with your Outcome folder and the things you said you wanted to do in your Review? 100% Are you able to meet new people and spend time with your friends? 100% Are you treated with politeness and respect? 100% When staff support you with areas of personal care are you made to feel safe? 100%

Client Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

Brilliant well done to everyone at Amber!!

Facebook Comment on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Congratulations on the report !!!!

County Council on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Congratulations to everyone on achieving Outstanding

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

Congratulations xx

Facebook Comment on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

I have been made to feel extremely welcome by Amber, I feel happy and settled here already and would definitely like to develop myself personally in the future and learn more about the job

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

In our organisation the Key Question "WELL-LED" states: 'In adult social care this means that management and leadership encourage and deliver an open, fair, transparent, supporting and challenging culture at all levels - 90%

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

The company are very good

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

There is a culture of fairness in the organisation 91% I am encouraged to raise concerns 91% The manager is competent and respected by the staff team 90% I have been supported to work to the organisation's quality standards and outcomes 90%

Staff Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)


Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Hi just have to say how brilliant your staff are! They go above and beyond the call of duty, I sometimes feel a bit guilty that they do so much! Please pass on my gratitude

Family Text Supported Living (December 2015)

How happy are you with the support you receive? 100% Has the support you received made you happier with your life? 100% Do you feel staff support you to keep healthy and safe? 100% Do you feel the support you receive helps you to make choices about your life? 100%

Client Annual Survey Response Summary (March 2016)

EXCEEDED THE IIP STANDARD: The Investors Specialist identified the following activities that should encourage the Management Team: “Core Values relate to vision and strategy” “Self review from internal and external reviews are used” “The structure makes the most of peoples talents” “Coaching and mentoring are part of the culture” “The recruitment process is fair, efficient and effective – we recruit people with passion” “People think it’s a great place to work” “There is a culture of openness and trust” “Effective feedback methods are used to understand people’s views on how they are managed”

Investors in People (November 2015)

Well done to you and all your team.

County Council on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Effective Leadership: It is exemplary that you have your 5 leadership values that underpin all that your leaders do:-  Choosing a positive attitude  Taking personal responsibility  Empowering both staff and clients  Embracing Learning  Enriching Lives

Investors in People (November 2015)

Hi, Just wanted to say a massive congratulations on your outstanding CQC inspection!

Positive Living Options Team on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Its no surprise!!! Amazing! Well done everyone xxx

Facebook Comment on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Many congratulations - you are the first is Worcestershire!

Worcestershire County Council on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Many congratulations! You know what? I'm not surprised. Strictly speaking I've only seen your day service and one supported living setting, but it has been so nice to see a service which is so compassionate in it's care provision. As a social worker it's very re-assuring to be able to see that individual's best interests and high quality care are at the centre of what you all do. Your ethos is reflected in the staff that you recruit. Well done, and thank you - I know how hard you all work!

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your superb news, that is an outstanding achievement and you and your team should rightfully feel pleased. Well done to all at Amber, keep up the good work

Member of the Public on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Thank you so much for the lovely photos of Helen and her friends, its something I will treasure

Family Supported Living - Life Book (January 2016)

That is absolutely brilliant news, thrilled for you all. I have always thought that Amber was outstanding so it is great it has been recognised

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

That is great news for Amber and all who receive support from yourselves. A big well done from top down within your organisation

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

That's fabulous well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rigby Hall School on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

That's fantastic, well done you guys

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

WOW That is great well done two outstanding's make it public!

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Well done - that's fantastic news

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Well done Jon I have seen how you support people and I think if everyone would learn from you they would be great

Community Feedback (December 2015)

Well done everyone!

Facebook Feedback on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Wow many congratulations

Clinical Psychologist on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Wow that's fantastic and well deserved I must say. I will share the good news

Social Worker on CQC Outstanding (January 2016)

Another fantastic year for (name). Her progress with your support just keeps going

Family Supported Living Annual Review (November 2015)

As always keep up the good work

Family Supported Living Annual Review (November 2015)

Compliment from Endoscopy Department that ... was really well supported and as a result had the procedure, coped well and went home in a good mood, well done!!

Professional Lead Nurse (October 2015)

Amber Support Services go above and beyond any expectations in order to fulfil Ambers 'because you can' promise and deliver a service which is uniquely tailored to the clients wants and needs

Feedback from Internal Induction (October 2015)

Excellent Induction - effective introduction of new staff into Amber and at each setting

Investors in People (November 2015)

Excellent communication across the whole organisation via various meetings, email, newsletter, noticeboard and social media

Investors in People (November 2015)

Feeling Motivated and Valued: The development that people have received and the way in which they are managed results in people having the confidence to perform their roles effectively and believe they are trusted to work to the required standards of performance. Staff want to do a good job and take a pride in what they do and how this contributes to the success of the business.

Investors in People (November 2015)

Manager’s lead by example in setting high standards and staff appreciate this with many comments made such as; “We treat clients here as we would like any of our parents/family treated; with respect and a genuine caring approach” “We try very much to promote independence, involve them in activities therefore enriching their lives”

Investors in People (November 2015)

People Management Strategy: Considering the geographical spread of staff, throughout Amber, communication is excellent with a variety of methods in the exchange of communication as appropriate. These include various regular meetings such as management meetings, staff meetings, communication book and handovers between shifts; mobile phones so texts and emails, joint meetings between settings to share information and good practice, plus Supervision.

Investors in People (November 2015)

Performance Management and Continuous Improvement: You continue to be strong in the area of continuous improvement and one of the reasons for this is due to your reviewing, monitoring and evaluation of training and development.

Investors in People (November 2015)

Recognition and reward - staff do feel valued and there is a culture of praise and appreciation (Awards, Promotion, Celebrate Success on Social Media)

Investors in People (November 2015)

Staff are empowered to make decisions but given support and trust and are confident to challenge the way things work "We work together well as a team"

Investors in People (November 2015)

The strong, caring ethos of the organisation has led to a positive, supportive and inclusive working environment, with a clear focus on improving the positive experience for all clients - People genuinely think its a great place to work

Investors in People (November 2015)

Training and Development Strategy: You have successfully promoted a learning culture within Amber and without exception all staff interviewed referred to learning and development as ongoing, a regular occurrence, always learning something new

Investors in People (November 2015)

Without exception all those interviewed were able to articulate how their own job role contributed to the success of Amber. Staff are very passionate about their work and it is immediately apparent upon visiting, that there is a caring ethos that clients are truly put first and are at the centre of everything that is done.

Investors in People (November 2015)

Hi Jacquie - just to say a huge thank you for the way you have sorted out (name) flat. It was a momentous task; quite unbelievable how you have achieved what you have in such a short time. (Name) is feeling relaxed and happy. Its absolutely wonderful - thank you x

Parent Supported Living (November 2015)

Excellent presentation by both (name) and support staff. A lot of work had obviously gone into the PowerPoint Presentation and the video Presentation presented by John Rose. (Chocolate cake was a treat!)

Annual Review Parent Feedback (September 2015)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for helping and supporting (name) and myself. (Name) has settled in extremely well at your service . . . I can only account this due to your patience and understanding of his condition. All your staff have been very professional at all times. I would recommend your service extremely highly and thank you again

Parent Day Service (October 2015)

Appraisals are always friendly and gives us all a true reflection on Amber and how to move forward. Management are always at hand and I would like to thank the Management Team

Staff Member Appraisal (September 2015)

Having an appraisal helps me to get my confidence up and it is good to know that people from work are happy with me

Staff Member Appraisal (September 2015)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work. I recognise this has not been an easy task and appreciate Amber 'sticking with us'

Social Worker (October 2015)

Thank you so much for looking after me. I will be sorry to go

Day Service Client (October 2015)

The amazing support from management is phenomenal throughout - you guys do not get enough credit for the support I see you give myself and staff everyday

Existing Staff Member (October 2015)

What a fantastic shift with Stacey and (client) - giggles, smiles and a great learning curve. Stacey is so enthusiastic and really does care and love her job

New Staff Member (October 2015)

It is so calm and relaxing and the clients from other centers seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I know (name) had a great time because she told me. Kayleigh has some great idea's and I am looking forward to seeing these take shape for (name)

Amber Workshop (September 2015)

Since joining I have really enjoyed my time with Amber Support and getting to know everyone especially the clients and I have been made to feel welcome by all

Feedback from Internal Induction (October 2015)

Support and training is amazing..... never felt so supported in a job

Feedback from Internal Induction (October 2015)

Management all of you are perfect

Staff Member Appraisal (September 2015)

. job I love with brill management. Couldnt ask for much more ..Thanks for all your support. You and Alison are amazing. I love Amber and will always fully support you guys. Thanks to Amber I have a wonderful and happy life

Text from member of Staff (September 2015)

Mum and dad felt that the review was really enjoyable and very well prepared and presented with a lovely dance from (name). Support Plan read through and very happy with the contents. Thank you

Annual Review Parent Feedback (September 2015)

Thank you Jacqui, for your understanding and ongoing commitment. Very much appreciated as we fully recognise these are difficult times for us all. You are a true partner, and it is a real pleasure to be working with you, long may it continue, thank you

Action for Children (September 2015)

I feel like Shelley has made a massive impact on the Droitwich House. She always goes above and beyond for everybody and her staff. Shelley has such a warm personality which immediately puts you at ease - staff and clients alike. I personally would like Shelley to win this award as she has really taken the time to teach and guide me in a way that is so effective that I am really starting to love the role that I am in. She is a brilliant teacher as well as our Team Leader


Thank you for all of your hard work in our session

Client Psychologist (September 2015)

As a Mom it is always very hard to let go, but I know, and I can see how her confidence has continued to grow - and it is very pleasing to see ... has complete trust with her lead carer who has been with her now for six years


I cannot thank the whole of the Amber team enough for enabling my daughter to live the independent life that she does. All of the team from the two directors right through to all of their staff are always very approachable, and I can speak with them at anytime. I have complete trust in them to look after my daughter, and I am delighted to see how happy and full of independence ... is, and how proud she is of her bungalow.


Fabulous. Very happy with all services offered here. The staff are professional, helpful and at the same time warm and inviting. I would recommend this care provider very highly.


Hello. I attended your sports session at the Rylands Centre in Bromsgrove as part of the course work I am undertaking in Health and Social Care in Redditch and I was so impressed that I would like to take a working position should you have any available and once my course is completed

AMBER ACTIVE (June 2015)

I am the coordinator for the Heathcote Community Games (Australia) - the first community games in Australia held earlier this year - our DVD can be seen on the Community Games UK website down in the bottom left hand corner. My colleague and I are coming over to England in a couple of weeks as we are doing some research to help us take the community games nationwide here in Australia. Would you happen to have email details for the organiser of the Amber Active Community games so that we can make contact with them? (AMBER ACTIVE WERE THE ONLY COMMUNITY GAMES THEY ASKED TO SEE)


I would like to nominate all of the staff at (Droitwich House). Under Shelley's leadership this is a very well run establishment with staff dedicated to the welfare and well-being of the residents. They consistently strive and think of the implement ideas to enhance the sometimes stressed and difficult lives of their charges - well done to each and every one!


Jon has only been with Amber a short time but in the time he has been at (Droitwich House) he is good with all the ladies and a pleasure to work with. The main reason I am nominating Jon is the impact he has had with Chester. Chester enjoys his company, their chats and outings


Rachel is always available for any questions I may have no matter how small they may seem. She has helped and guided me in choosing the right direction and how to approach things. She is an asset so thank you


Sam puts in a lot of hours and hard work, a fair manager towards staff and will always put clients at the top of her priority


Stacey has joined us to take over the Outreach Department and during that time has been thoughtful and supportive to everyone she comes into contact with. I find Stacey very kind, approachable, supportive and very dedicated to the company. Nothing seems to be too much for her and she will not let anyone down. I feel she deserves the award as she works with her small team as lone workers which in itself can be very difficult. She has developed her client group and continues to strive to improve standards for all staff ad clients


I love my home the best, and enjoy sharing it with Millie - our carers are really great too and we all feel like a large family


No problem. I am extremely pleased with the whole service up to now, both as a Parent and from a professional point of view and I will tell them that if they call.


Secondly I love the paperwork in your folder, I bet ... loved the charts! Thank you for a brilliant start. The weekly timetable and daily routine sheets are brilliant! I think the monthly cycle chart is an excellent idea. Finally thank you so much for your patience and help


During the past 18 months or so that ... has been helping out at the cafe I have seen her grow in confidence, especially since she has been supported by Kate with whom she seems to have built up a very good relationship. We try to make the time that Bonnie spends here with us as interesting and stimulating for her as we possibly can and I feel under Kate's guidance ... has excelled over the last few months and is quite happy now to help serve customers which a year ago she would not have attempted. .... is very well liked by customers and staff alike and I believe she very much enjoys working with us, I certainly enjoy having her as part of my team


... confidence in shopping and the etiquette surrounding this activity was proven to us only last week (in Sainsbury's) when ... volunteered to fetch items a few aisles away, which he chose for himself and carried to the till unassisted! A small task for a capable individual, but a massive achievement for someone with ... difficulties, certainly a task we once felt impossible to witness him accomplishing for himself. It is a great thing for us to still be able to witness development in ... learning and so we would very much like to thank (staff member) and all the staff who support our ... at Amber


So now we come to his beloved 'Support Service' Amber. Where John just loved it - he would tell you with candour. He went there daily for the last ten years, He bonded so well with his carers and peers. But true to his nature what he looked forward to most, was being co-driver, a self-appointed post. The journey to Amber always filled him with glee, Which car this morning, Number Plate EOE or OTT?


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so very much to Amber Support Services for letting us borrow your New Age Kurling today (it was a big hit) and for supporting our Sip For Stroke today. Things were a little busy today so I didn't get too much time to speak to your colleague but I really appreciated everybody coming! Thank you again so very much for the support!


I just want to take the time to thank you all for the support that you and others have given me since starting. Personally i have never felt so welcomed and part of a team as much as i have with Amber ... the only thing i would change is I wish I had found Amber sooner but everything happens for a reason


We know Amber Support is such a worthwhile and caring organisation, we are keen to conserve our relationship with yourselves


All managers at Amber are easy to get hold of if you are stuck or have any problems

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

Amber gave great support for me and my daughter when I was going through some very tough times. Thank you to all at Amber

2014 Client Moving On Survey

We wish to express our thoughts in writing on ... progress this year which is due in no small part to the continuing efforts of (staff member) and his approach to ... ongoing life skills development. We have seen a tremendous amount of progress, particularly in his willingness to communicate his wishes more readily. (Staff member's) work has provided a consistently positive influence which is very important for ... personality. It is obvious he feels very secure, relaxed and happy.


Amber treat their staff exceptionally well, offer good pay packages within the industry and their training is exceptional. Amber are well known and have a very good reputation which is clearly depicted from clients and staff alike

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

Everyone talked freely and positively

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

Excellent, Very good all enjoyed, lots of happy faces

Amber Christmas Carol Concert (December 2014)

Everyone able to contribute, welcoming and biscuits, drinks on offer

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

Gary was a wonderful line manager, someone you could go to with any concerns, worries or problems and he always found the right solution, he has such a calm and gentle nature

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

Got to discuss all needed to

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

Great Holiday!

2014 My Holiday Survey

I also enjoyed being part of a great team of like minded staff who all had the best interest of the client at the forefront of their mind, the values and philosophy of Amber Support Services truly does run through every member of staff and is portrayed in the great work that is done every day. It makes you very proud to be part of

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

I am the sheltered scheme coordinator for the person receiving care. I feel that the person's needs are manager very well and that the person is very happy with the support and care that they are getting from Amber Support

2014 Outreach Annual Survey (Family, Carers and Relatives)

I could not fault the support given and felt at ease with approaching senior members of staff

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

Spoken about relevant information also about the future staff and roles

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

The really good thing is the level of training Amber provides - its relevant and appropriate

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

The staff at Amber have great ethics. Work commitment and a good sense of humour

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

The support provided to Amber clients is the best Ive seen, It really is at the hear of Amber

2014 Staff Exit Interview Survey

The support that (client name) receives from the carers is brilliant. They are also respectful of our family home

2014 Outreach Annual Survey (Family, Carer and Relatives)

The training was exceptional. Not only did I receive initial Induction Training but constant mandatory training was available to all staff. We also underwent "Back to Basics" training and could also request training that we felt assisted us in doing the job more efficiently. When I was promoted I received Management Training, First Aid Appointed Person, Interview Procedures and was also trained by senior members of staff in areas such as medication. I could also go to my Operations Director and CEO at any time I deemed it necessary to understand my job role and other companies policies. The training at Amber Support Services is better than anywhere I have worked before

2014 Staff Exit Survey

Want to go again, cant wait

2014 My Holiday Survey

I was greatly impressed by the way the CEO and Operations Director included staff and clients in as many decisions regarding the development of the service as possible. Amber Support came across as a very forward thinking, inclusive service which supported its clients to achieve as many goals as possible. There appeared to be no limits to the requests of the clients and they were supported to live fulfilling, rewarding lives.

Living Autism Review Report (November 2014)

Thank you for everything you helped me with and everything you did for me I really enjoyed working at amber and in an ideal world would never have to leave. It's been brilliant.

Leaving Member of Staff (December 2014)

Very interactive staff all getting involved

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

Well organised and the chair made the meeting flow

2014 Staff Meeting Survey

What a good meeting that was! Thank you all for your contribution and I think 2015 could well be an exciting year

The Granary Hotel & Restaurant (December 2014)

I have enjoyed my visits this week. It has cheered me immensely to see so many dedicated people like yourself doing fantastic jobs

Grand Parent Visiting Amber Eco (November 2014)

Finally thanks for the meeting and showing me you’re professional world. I enjoyed it very much. You restored my faith that humanity can be combined with business sense in care!

Independent Private Care Advisor (October 2014)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support that all of your team gave us during the shoot in Worcester. I'd be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks to John and Neal as I thought they were great and it was such a pleasure to see them working together

Main Media (October 2014)

Lovely to see all those who wanted to participate do so. Staff well involved and as usual brilliant!!

Amber Christmas Carol Concert (December 2014)

Nice to see so many faces and everyone having fun

Amber Christmas Carol Concert (December 2014)

Very enjoyable, we had a lovely time, thank you for inviting us. See you next year!

Amber Christmas Carol Concert (December 2014)

Was very good and enjoyable, felt more relaxed and at home with company now that we have been using services for over 12 months now - everyone is so friendly and caring - keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

Amber Christmas Carol Concert (December 2014)

We can say hand on heart we do care, Ive got no qualms about my love for those I support, and the satisfaction I get from my job

Staff Member (September 2014)

Thank you, what an amazing 6 years. Wonderful clients and great team. I'll miss you all xx

Leaving Staff Member (August 2014)

Thank you so much for being a great company to work for and such lovely managers

Leaving Staff Member (August 2014)

Thank you for being an amazing boss and I will always miss everyone at Amber.

Aston University Placement Student (August 2014)

Amber - friendly, caring and a Happy place

Family Member (July 2014)

All brilliant - looking forward to next stage

Day Service Annual Review - Family Member (July 2014)

Amber Support's Day Service means rest for me and good support for my son

Day Service - Family Member (July 2014)

Absolutely loved seeing my friends at @AmberSupport today. Immensely proud of them, all they do and the fact i once worked for them, they do incredible work for adults with autism and learning difficulties. Please check them out! Thank you for my social enterprise crafts. Superb! Love to you all, you super stars!

Ex Staff Member (July 2014)

Amber cares for my grand daughter and makes her happy

Grandparent Feedback (July 2014)

Ace! Three very deserving winners! Xx

Nomination Results - Ex Staff Member (July 2014)

Amber gives opportunities to people outside the organisation as well as in, thank you

Staff Member (August 2014)

Amber has been the answer to my prayers - what a fantastic opportunity for my daughter. She is so happy and well supported. All Amber Staff are stars

Parent Feedback (August 2014)

Amber is fun at sports

Amber Active Feedback - Client (July 2014)

Amber makes me happy and I have a lovely support worker to help me

Supported Living Client (August 2014)

Amber means that (name) can get out and interact with people of her own age. Its always nice picking her up and seeing her smiling after spending the day there.

Day Service - Family Member (July 2014)

Chester goes to my church and my god daughter works for you. They are very caring in many difficult situations. Well done

Client Friend (August 2014)

Coming to Amber is good fun

Client (July 2014)

Hope alls well. I wanted to thank you personally for allowing Mencap to be with your clients helping out at the Granary over the last 6 months. I appreciate it very much and I hope we have helped with your gardening work. Hopefully we will have other clients who are interested in gardening in the Kidderminster area so Amber Support and Mencap can work together again.

Amber Eco Market Garden Project (July 2014)

I have loved coming to The Granary to do archeology

Amber Eco Feedback - Client (July 2014)

I hope everything went well. It certainly seemed to. From the outside it looked like quite an emotional day and there were lots of happy faces. There was (just about) enough room in the car park too!

Landmark Tea Party - The Granary Hotel (July 2014)

I like doing art and craft

Day Service Client (July 2014)

Inspiration at its Best

Family Member (July 2014)

Just Brilliant! :)

Client (July 2014)

Kind people, everyone is friendly

Client (July 2014)

My daughter loves going to Amber, swimming, and working with her friends

Day Service - Family (July 2014)

Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout my placement year

Aston University Placement Student (August 2014)

We are new at Amber but it is a fab time. Would like to do it again and they are very supportive to me

Client (July 2014)

Wonderful to see it still going after 10 years when often we loose services. Here's to another 10 years x 10 x 10!

Family Member Feedback (July 2014)

Amber Support 10 yrs in the care industry is something to be proud of we are happy to be celebrating with you

EdZOOcation (July 2014)

Our son has had a very good year and we appreciate the efforts made by all staff to support him

Day Service Annual Review - Family Member (July 2014)

Says everything – shows everything. Frankly, Amber has to be the benchmark to follow and emulate.

Industry Journalist - Film Feedback (July 2014)

Alison always put the clients needs before her own. She is a mentor to all staff and clients, if there is something that needs to be done, Alison is there, getting it done! All that matters to Alison is that her clients are happy, and fulfilling their lives, and the staff are happy and supported too! She's been there through thick and thin, always always coming out with a victorious smile! Every client i worked with at Amber loved her, and every single member of staff i came across admired her sheer determination for the company. I could go on... But i think you already know what i may say! She's brilliant!

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Well done on 10 yeas with Amber. Its a great pleasure to be part of Amber. I hope we have many years to come

Staff Member (July 2014)

Although Gill works in another area of SL I do hear from her Team Leader what wonderful work she does within the bungalow. I have met clients and family out and about and they have said that they have the highest respect for her. The ladies within the bungalow have said 'I miss Gill when she isnt there' and 'why cant she work with us every day'. I believe she needs to be nominated for the behind the scenes work that alot do not see or hear about

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Can we have tissues on the table next time please! x

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

Congratulations Jami, you deserve to win for all the hard work you do, always with a smile, well done!

Nomination Results - Family Member (July 2014)

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary guys & gals. Hope you had a great day with the celebrations :-)

Landmark Tea - Green Ape (July 2014)

Dave's dedication is unquestionable. He throws himself into any challenge with both feet. His passion and drive to make the company a success is something I look up to. Nobody is more deserving

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Daves face was amazing he was totally over whelmed and it's a well deserved acknowledgment, he's a trooper with a heart of gold x

Nomination Results (July 2014)

David u really need to be recognised, your a true gent and you Are professional giving all clients respect and dignity. Such a real caring gentleman much love to all at Amber keep up the good work well done all

Nomination Finalists Announced - Ex Staff Member (June 2014)

Great shortlist. All Winners!!!

Nomination Finalists Announced (June 2014)

I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful event you organised for today to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Amber Support Services. I was very impressed with the commitment of all the staff and the service users and the number and variety of activities that are provided.

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

Just to say a massive well done for today. It was an honour to be part of your event and celebrations of what is an amazing organisation with a real Can do attitude. The photos and film today were brilliant and inspirational. I really am proud to be working with such an amazing organisation and passionate team. Well Done

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

Massive thanks to Amber Support for letting us share in their 10 year anniversary celebrations today. Also a big thank you to The Granary Hotel and Restaurant for allowing us to bring our animals to their beautiful grounds!

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

Thank you for 2 great days and keep up the good work

Landmark Tea Party - Family Member (July 2014)

Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon. You must be so proud of the staff and clients, as well as exhausted !! It is great for Sarah and I to be part of the Amber 'family' and I hope that this will continue for many more decades. Mum says she enjoyed it very much and it was nice to meet you all. Enjoy your celebrations this evening you all deserve it! Please pass on my thanks to all Amber staff.

Landmark Tea Party - Family Member (July 2014)

Thank you for inviting me to your 10th anniversary celebrations today - I had a lovely time and so did little sis Christine

Landmark Tea Party - Family Member (July 2014)

Thank you for inviting me to your 10th anniversary celebrations today - I had a lovely time and so did little sis Christine

Landmark Tea Party - Family Member (July 2014)

We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the team and all those associated with Amber.

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

You have an organisation with staff and service users to be proud of. Here's to the next 10 years!

Landmark Tea Party (July 2014)

Everyone gets on with ... so well, they think of him as their mate and all of the kids think he is great. It makes me really proud that Lee being around them has made them more aware and understanding of people with disabilities. Getting them that job was the best thing I could have done for Lee"

Outreach Staff Team Member (June 2014)

Gary does a good job, and is very passionate about the business and the clients

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Hope you have a fantastic day, you all really deserve it!!!! XXXXXXXXX

Landmark Tea Party - Ex Staff Member (July 2014)

I am extremely happy that David has been nominated for that award after all the years he has been there and how he has changed his role as the company has expanded good on you Dave you have a heart of gold and good luck to you all xx

Nomination Finalists Announced (June 2014)

Well done Sian. You Star

Nomination Finalists Announced (June 2014)

Gary is a fantastic team leader within the Day Service. Always helpful with staff, and great at supporting clients. Gary always goes that extra distance to try and assist staff with requests, and is very supportive of the staff working with him

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Gary is a really excellent Team Leader who makes everyone feel valued and supported. Gary is great with staff and clients and always has time to listen to everyone

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Jami is my sister Christine's support worker. Christine is very vulnerable, cannot communicate and because of her autism does not really relate to anyone, even her family, but Jami has struck a chord with Christine. Jami has managed to establish a good relationship with Christine, making her more receptive to those around her, engaging her in activities, bringing out the best in Christine. Jami has the knack of making Christine respond to her, laughter being one of the tools. I believe this is due to Jami's sunny and down to earth personality. It is so good to see Christine smiling and enjoying Jami's company. We know that Jami takes care with Christine's appearance, ensuring that her wardrobe is up to date, replacing worn and out of date clothing. Between us, we strive to keep Christine looking the best she can be. If I have any concerns about Christine's care, I know that once I have relayed them to Jami they will be acted on and feedback received. Our sister could not have a better key worker than Jami and that is why I would like her to be recognised for the work she does.

Nomination Awards - Client Family (June 2014)

Jordan has shown that she is a team player, a fantastic support worker and is going from strength to strength with her work. She s willing to learn the company paperwork and has picked up how to do it to a high standard and really enjoyed doing this and having the responsibility of getting it all up to date with no fuss and bother. Jordan has proved that she is an individual who enjoys the pressure of the job role that she does daily and comes up with some fantastic idea's on how to improve the service that we provide

Nomination Award (June 2014)

Sam has been outstanding because of her dedication to the job. She has been extremely supportive to us all as a family and is always there, whether it be on the end of the telephone, text or email. Sam is a true ambassador to Amber Support and is totally dedicated to the independent needs of those she cares for.

Nomination Awards - Client Family (June 2014)

Hannah is very good at supporting the girls and is very supportive staff member towards myself

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Hey Jacqui just wanted to tell you I have passed and completed my BA honours degree in social welfare with a 2.2! Thanks for your support :) x

Staff Team Member (June 2014)

I feel Sian deserves this award as she always looks for the good in people, she has worked very hard with Danielle and from the day she started there has been a huge improvement in the atmosphere in the day service

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

I would like to confirm my comments in respect of Ms Barnes during a CFC assessment and confirm that, she was very professional, informative, polite and represented your organisation very well during the process

Social Worker, Transitional Support Planning Team (June 2014)

James has been working exceptionally hard over the past few months, covering sleep over shifts in a supported living service while continuing to work at the day service. He works really well with DC, and has supported him to take part in lots of new and exciting activities.

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Jules, because her outgoing and cookey ways brings a light to Amber that the clients and other staff thrive of. She has an ability to remain calm and can always make you smile.

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Lis, for the hard work she puts in with dog therapy, it makes such a positive impact on all clients, but particularly those with challenging behaviours. The hard work that goes into training the dogs so they can be used in such a positive way should be recognised

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Karen is an asset to the company and to myself as I would not be where I am today without her continued support

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Ran up to staff member and gave them a hug stating "I'm so happy today, because I'm at Amber"

Day Service Client (May 2014)

Sam's hard work and dedication to supported living is something to be respected

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

Sian because she always has the clients wishes and welfare at the heart of everything she does.

Nomination Awards (June 2014)

We would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with Amber, both the day service and the support service. ALL staff that have worked with and supported Anthony have been excellent. I don't see the interaction at the day service but note the interaction when Anthony is collected and aware that he is always happy to go off to Amber Active with Gary and Rob. I have seen Sian work with Anthony and ... (my Hubby) has seen Clair work with Anthony and we are very impressed. Even though not everyone has been mentioned by name, we are very satisfied with the service that all staff members have so far provided for Anthony.

Parent (June 2014)

... really enjoys his time at Amber and is fully involved in all that is going on. He is encouraged to be as independent as possible and also as active as possible. It was a positive review.

Professional Health Worker Support Review (May 2014)

... seems happy and content and looking forward to starting at the Market Garden Project

Family Support Review Survey (May 2014)

A Big thank you to everyone, .... is very happy at Amber

Family Support Review Survey (May 2014)

I wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge Thank You to both of you for giving me the opportunity to work within an organisation which wholeheartedly respects and promotes good practice within the care sector and even though it was a fairly short time I was with you, I learned so much about what support should be and I took away many valuable skills and great knowledge regarding working with adults in this industry. I also want to thank you for giving me opportunities to shine and the fact you believed in me will never be forgotten. Amber is one of those places that does indeed get under your skin and i am so blessed to have been a part of it.

Ex Employee (MAY 2014)

If ever you wanted to be associated with an ethically-sound business, see what Jacqueline de Sousa has created. Amber Support offers opportunities for adults with learning and physical disabilities, challenging behaviour and autism - to live the life they want to live. Such high-minded principles are not always the key to commercial success, but the company motto applies not only to the business – but to Jacqueline herself; and the motto is ‘Because you can’. Success is measured not only by the bottom line, but also by what it achieves for the people benefiting from its services

Scoot Headline Award Winner 2014 (APRIL 2014)

I think the staff here are lovely. When the transport comes to collect ... they always ask ... where she would like to sit. This is a nice thing to do as the little things matter

Annual Review Family Comment (April 2014)

It was clear from what we saw and from speaking with staff that they understood people's care and support needs and that they knew them well. We saw people being cared for and supported in accordance with their plans. We found the provider reviewed people's care plans and made changes if required.

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

John has been wonderful - especially bearing in mind that 12 months he knew next to nothing about horticulture. He and the other helpers this week were fantastic. The vineyard should be fully planted and staked out by next week. I know I said that the Herb garden is the one thing I wanted finished this Spring - well it has been and thank you for all the hard work that has gone in to making this happen. Mencap are doing a separate little project on the house garden fronting the road. They are very enthusiastic about working with the hotel and yourselves which I believe is good for everyone. Let me know if you need to check in with anything - but I can confirm that substantial progress is being made. Kind regards to you and all the team

Market Garden Land Owner (MAY 2014)

Very clear to see brilliant relationship between (staff member) and ....

Professional Health Worker Support Review (May 2014)

I like the staff and they listen to me

Annual Review Client Comment (April 2014)

One person supported told us, "The staff are really good, they do their job properly and look after us". Family representatives told us they were happy with the way their relative was cared for and supported. One relative told us, "The staff care and do a good job". An office based member of staff told us, "The dedication and interest from staff is incredible"

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

People were supported by kind and attentive staff. We saw staff talking with people in a kind, calm and respectful manner. Staff we spoke with were knowledgeable about the individual needs of people

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

People were supported in promoting their independence and community involvement. One person told us, "I'm going on holiday with my keyworker tomorrow". Family representatives we spoke to told us, "They support people to do activities and make friends" and, "People are supported to be as independent as possible". We saw in people's care records that activities both inside and outside the home were planned and had taken place. This included leisure activities such as swimming and educational activities such as attending college courses

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

Relatives told us they were able to contact the provider and give their views. One family member told us, "They have dealt with problems and put them right" and, "They encourage you to give their views". We were told by staff that they are encouraged to raise any concerns they have with the provider.

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

Staff told us that that training was provided to assist in their professional development. One staff member told us, "They're very good at helping us get qualifications".

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

The provider told us that people supported had been involved in recruitment processes. People we spoke with told us, "I choose my keyworker and staff"

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

Throughout the visit we observed people being supported in the organisation's offices and in their own homes. We saw staff caring for people in a in a kind, calm manner. We saw people engaging in a variety of activities including craft work and cooking

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We compared the care plans people kept in their homes with the information held at the provider's office and found that both were up to date and accurately described people's needs.

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We found the provider considered people's immediate and long term needs and wishes. For example, holiday arrangements and work aspirations were planned for along with daily care and support arrangements. One relative told us, "They plan for people to live their lives"

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We found there were enough staff to meet people's needs. One person who used the service told us, "The staff are really good, they do their job properly and look after us". One relative told us, "The staff care and do a good job"

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We saw records of house meetings held in supported living services and saw that people's views were recorded in the minutes. We were told by one person supported that they had talked with the provider on behalf of other people and that changes were made as a result. This meant the provider ensured that people who used the service, their representatives and staff were asked for their views about their care and treatment and they were acted on.

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We saw staff from the organisation had been nominated by the provider for national awards. An office based member of staff told us, "The dedication and interest from staff is incredible, I've seen them give presentations to their teams which gives them confidence and a sense of ownership"

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

We saw that people's preferred methods of communication had been assessed. Plans had been put in place to meet these needs which included the use of non-verbal communication methods and the use of the computer. We saw in people's care plans that these plans were reviewed. Staff training records showed that staff had been trained in these methods.

CQC Unannounced Inspection (May 2014)

John was a truly inspirational young man who’s creative/ Social entrepreneurship shone through. John challenges and treats everybody with equal respect and deserves to go far – A great ambassador for the care sector

The Great British Care Awards - National Winner The Ancillary Care Worker Award (APRIL 2014)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the last 4 years with you. I have really enjoyed my time at Amber and learnt a lot xx

Staff Member on Leaving (April 2014)

Happy Birthday to the best support company EVER! So proud to work for Amber!

Staff Member (April 2014)

Again, I just wanted to say thanks to you and the staff at ... for your help in the work I have done. The staff team all engaged with and supported this work. It's been nice to work with you and I wish you all well for the future.

Trainee Clinical Psychologist (March 2014)

Many thanks it was a lovely review


I am grateful to John Rose and the talented people at the Market Garden for making us 25 wonderful bat boxes. We look forward to commissioning more bat boxes in the near future.

Bat Group (March 2014

This is a short note to compliment the kind and caring attitude of one of your carers. Kieran came to my house and the way he looked after all clients needs was excellent. When he takes my son out now I know he will be in safe hands and well looked after. He was a credit to himself and an excellent example of the care and support Amber gives to clients

Day Service Letter Family Member (January 2014)

"Hope y r very happy working for a great place x"

Ex Employee Comment on Facebook about a student on Work Experience (January 2014)

Amber is trying to do everything possible to make The Granary a good experience all round. John is very enthusisatic and hard working and really cares about the place and the clients - it can only get better - Thanks

Market Garden Survey (December 2013)

A warm friendly get together to start Christmas

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

As a carer I can see it helps to stimulate them and their imagination to realise where their food is coming from and to be involved in the whole process is very good and educational for them.

Market Garden Survey (December 2013)

Great fun seeing everyone so happy

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

As someone that has trouble with self confidence i find this really clever, a simple thing like this can and will make people smile, good work guys i like this alot!

Comment on Facebook about our Happiness Kits (December 2013)

Another positive Outreach Client Annual Review with the Social Worker stating that we provide a great service for.... and that she wished every company did such a good job and were as passionate about their clients! Also that Claire Medler was a credit to our company

Social Worker (December 2013)

It gave me a lovely warm feeling - wonderful

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

You do every think here I feel happy

Market Garden Survey (December 2013

It's the time of year to sit and think Of a poem in black ink. "It's for James" Santa said "Around a table it must be read". So we look to the Amber lot and carers too They are there just for you. You go up town without a fuss, On a Midland Transport Omni Bus. With a smile and a special wink, I think they know just what you think? So raise a glass I know you would say To all the carers on Christmas day!

Parents Poem of Thanks on Christmas Day (December 2013)

Just read @AmberSupport newsletter, and it's filled me with so much happiness and pride! They are achieving massive things! Well done guys x Couldn't fit it all on a tweet, but, WOW! Newsletter is so awesome! Bet you're all feeling so proud! I know i am :) big loves to you all xx

Ex Employee (November 2013)

Nice to meet other parents

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

Seeing so many smiley faces was so lovely and the staff made it for the clients - Great

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

Team work at its best

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

Thank you Sam for all you do with ... She loves you

Card from Parent (December 2013)

Yet again a wonderful time - wonderful memories - well done everyone and great to see so many people

Christmas Carol Concert Survey (December 2013)

I see all your pictures that are posted and it's a great job your doing with these guys you support it's a shame your based in ... other wise I would apply to work for your company

Facebook Message (November 2013)

The company works hard to accommodate our requirements and works with good quality training companies so the experience is always valuable

Staff Training Survey (December 2013)

It's with great pride,shock and honour I announce that tonight I won the Ancillary Worker Award at the regional finals of the national care awards. This means I now represent the West Midlands at the National Final!! I'm very proud of my job, my company and most importantly the most amazing people I know - my clients.


Thank you so much for a fabulous term at The Granary

Rigby Hall School (December 2013)

APPRAISAL One member of staff described appraisal as: "An opportunity to discuss where we are and what we want to do over the next 12 months".


Amber Day Care Services are excellent and the staff that support my daughter are extremely knowledgeable and capable of supporting her in all situations. They are friendly and encourage her to make the right choices in her life as well as making new friends with other clients.


Firstly let me say how much I appreciate the hard work and effort you put in to providing the consistently high level of care that you do. It is very reassuring to know that there are facilities such as yours available to the community


I very much appreciate your prompt response on this matter and the positive actions taken, I'm sure this can only help to strengthen the relationship within the community and increase the already high level of respect with which Amber Support is seen


Absolutly love job and everyone i work with such an amazing team

Staff Member Tweet (SEPTEMBER 2013)

To all the staff, I want to thank you for all your support during my community scoping experience at Amber support services. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements. I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else. Thank you once again for your time, support and patience.


Good support Agency


One member of staff stated that they would: "Never just do something. I always say do you mind if I". This meant that staff recognised the importance of making sure people agreed to any provision of care before they carried it out.


One person who used the service told us that they visited other people who used the service. This had been done to ensure they were satisfied with the service provided. The findings were then feed back to the management meetings. This meant that systems were in place for staff and people who used the service to influence management decisions about the service provided.


SUPERVISION - Staff we spoke with confirmed that they received these sessions. One member of staff described supervision as: "Time for staff to discuss anything they want such as any issues or concerns". The same member of staff stated that supervision helped their: "Ability to do the job"


Staff we spoke with confirmed that new staff shadowed others before they started work. One member of staff stated: "New staff are always with someone more experienced."


Staff we spoke with confirmed that they had received training. One member of staff told us that the training provided was: "Fantastic" and commented that although certificates may say they are valid for three years refresher training was provided annually. Another member of staff described the training received as: "Brilliant".


We found that the provider had in place an effective recruitment and selection processes that ensured people who used the service were protected.


We found that the results from the surveys had been analysed. The responses were mostly positive. Comments within the analysis included: "Excellent support workers. Very approachable and ready to listen to any worries what you may have", "Just keep on the excellent work", "Thanks for all the help the staff give" and "I am satisfied with the care and support xx receives. I feel that everyone in her home acts on her best interests. I have no concerns about her well-being and welfare"


We spoke to a relative who told us that they were: "Pleased with the care provided" and described the staff as: "A good bunch". They also told us that they believed staff understood their relative's feelings and took care of them. Another relative believed that the service provided was: "Very professional"


We spoke with five members of staff and found that they knew the level of care and support people needed. This meant that the staff had a good awareness of people's needs.


We spoke with staff who confirmed that support plans were up to date. They told us they were: "Updated constantly" to reflect any change in care needs and: "Support plans are all up to date".


We were told that people were involved in their support plan and that consent was gained prior to the provision of care. One person told us: "I am involved in everything. I am my own boss". Another person told us that they were: "All right" and: "Like the people" who cared for them.


Hi sylvie, just had to write and say this. Saw 2 of your support workers with a couple of guys in Redditch and the were fab. They were sooo supportive without being overbearing. It was lovely and made me smile thinking how lucky your clients were to have such great supporters. Just saying!!!!


I have loved every second of my time at Amber, it has been massively inspirational and rewarding!You are both truly fantastic to work for and it has been an honour to of been part of the Amber Team. I will take with me so much knowledge, and passion ... once Ambered, always Ambered

Letter of Resignation from Employee (July 2013)

Thanks for coming along to our team meeting this week. You clearly demonstrate a passion for the work you do.


I have really enjoyed being able to visit (client name) as it was such a hard transition. She looks so happy and content and the staff at your Day Service are brilliant with her, thank you so much

Teaching Assistant Visit (July 2013)

I have seen such an improvement with (name) speech since moving in and her walking is brilliant

Father of Daughter who has moved into Supported Living (June 2013)

I liked joining in with others and Amber members it was relaxing and different


I loved Everything


I loved the fact that everyone can take part and enjoy sports regardless of age or ability


It was a real triumph: We have loads of photos to put on disc and distribute to parents


It was brilliant


It was very enjoyable they all worked very hard to make the day special


It's the best service that I have known especially with Alison and Jacqui


So much fun, happiness and great teamwork


Sparkling fun and great camaraderie


Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day, your clients are so happy and you made us feel very welcome! We are certainly very happy to recommend your service to our parents

School Visit (June 2013)

Mahoosive #FF to the amazing @AmberSupport!! A company that shines so brightly, tirelessly working with and supporting adults with LD

Ex-Employee on Twitter (July 2013)

Thank you Sylvie for letting me visit, I am really impressed with the compassion and level of commitment from the staff. I know that my client is really excited about joining you

Social Worker Visit (June 2013)

Thank you for everything you and your team do for my son

Parent of Son in Supported Living (June 2013)

Hi Alison, I'm really impressed with the service that you offer

Social Worker After Day Service Visit (May 2013)

We didnt realise how much you did at the Day Service! The Social Enterprise departments are excellent and we are incredibly impressed with the energy and interaction between clients and staff

Parent Visit (June 2013)

Everything still going really well, Sam and Lucy doing an excellent job.(although neither of them act as though it's just a job)


... always seems very happy when he knows he's going to AMBER, appears to have great fun with Kieran at the pool


No am happy with everything


Thank you for having me

Worcester Sixth Form College Student, Thank You Card (March 2013)

At our Day Service we ensure the message of nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle are portrayed in every aspect of what we do. We organise seamless activities that reinforce this message and continue to adapt what we do to meet client’s needs. We lead by example, encourage, teach and empower person centred choices while remembering our company ethos.......Because you can!

Senior Support Worker, Day Service (March 2013)

At the end of my Review my step dad asked me if I still want to come to Amber and I replied “Yes”. My step dad added “ If ... is happy then I am happy”

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

Communication is good and my team keep them informed of what I have been doing daily and any health concerns etc

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

Thanks again for everything


The quality of your organisation and service delivery shone through, in what you said, what I saw and the brief conversations I had with young people and staff


We are very happy with the care provided by Amber Support. ..... is always happy to attend which is the best advert for the care and consideration she is shown by the centre and the staff. Thanks for your support


David, my Key Worker, showed photographs of me purchasing some items at the local supermarket which is something I have not done before. My mum said she would encourage me to purchase the cat and rabbit food at home

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

We were made very welcome, and felt that our views were listened to. ... is very happy at Amber and we hope this continues. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss .... requirements


I am completely absorbed in the Social Enterprise at Amber now and enjoy Arts and Crafts where I have made cards for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and Easter and used paint bubbles to create my own painting by blowing bubbles. Many of the items I have recently made have been sold at recent ‘Beyond School Events’ and even at the local hairdressers which I am very proud of

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

A big thank you for all of your support

Day Service Parent (January 2013)

I feel safe at Amber

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

I have been successful in obtaining a voluntary job with Cheryl in her new fruit and vegetable shop. It will start in April and I am really excited and proud of myself for going to the interview and getting offered a position

Day Service Client Gaining a Voluntary Job (March 2013)

I love my job, especially on days like today when we see the joy in our client's faces


I loved the Amber Olympics and cannot wait until we do the next one later in the year. My mum said it was fantastic too. All were happy about my review and I am very happy too

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

I really enjoyed the Amber Olympics and had a lot of fun and my mum said it was a great day and we should do it again if possible

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

In Amber Active I enjoy swimming and I am able to swim about 4 lengths of the pool. My nan says that this is amazing that I can now swim so far. My mum says that my goals are “great targets” for me to achieve and I am going the right way in what I do

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

Just wanted to say thank you for sending us on the MAPA Training. It was very helpful, very interesting and made me very reflective of my practice, oh and loads of fun too!

Staff Feedback on MAPA Training (February 2013)

My mum added that she would like to say thank you to the staff for helping me to write my name as I continue this at home now too, but it was down to my support in the first place to develop this so well

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

My mum says that I love coming to Amber and that I am disappointed if I cannot attend if it has to close for bad weather. I enjoy undertaking work on the computer of which I am very proficient at, my mum says that I am better than she is. I am able to download items and often help others too. My mum is pleased that I am doing this as I no longer have the use of computers at college

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

My parents said that I am very happy at Amber so they are happy too and Amber are doing a lot with me for the one day that I attend

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

My parents said they were pleased with my support and had no worries or concerns

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Reviews (March 2013)

My parents stated how good the communication was at Amber Support Services and that they could see a dramatic change in me and were really pleased with all that I had achieved with my support

Client's Parents, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

The staff are brilliant and are all kind and helpful to me

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Review (March 2013)

I would just like to give you some feedback regarding one of your services which I visited yesterday. I met with a service user and Samantha Barnes for an update on the Personal Support Plan. I was very impressed with the home and the ethos. Samantha was professional yet friendly, open and extremely client focused. My client was very happy and had some great opportunities to experience her wishes at a greater extent than previously. Samantha praised the company as the best she had ever worked for. A lovely home with a good team. Well done and thank you.

Social Worker, Transitional Support Planning Team (January 2013)

Thank you all for my leaving gifts it was very kind of you. I have enjoyed my time at Amber and will miss you all

Leaving Member of Staff, Day Service (March 2013)

We have developed 'Amber Workshop' I work there on a Wednesday with Tracey and work exceptionally hard to make good quality items that can be passed on and sold

Client Feedback, Day Service Person Centred Reviews (March 2013)

Jacqui, thank you for all your help and support (again) I doubt I will find another 'boss' like you! Will miss you! This "thank you" is for you for always doing so much, giving of yourself and your time, for always being there and for always caring. All of the little things you do make a big difference, and all of the wonderful things you do make me as thankful as I can be just to know someone as nice as you


Thank-you all for the excellent service and input that you gave him over the last few years

Day Service Parent (January 2013)

Thank u, 4 all your great work, all yr round!! U give 2 people, when some people wouldn't & 4 that ...... send u massive hugs & thanx 2 u xxxx

Supported Living Staff Member on Behalf of Clients (DECEMBER 2012)

As part of auditing the service provision one person who used the service had visited the other people to gather their views. This meant that people were able to talk with a peer about their experience of the agency.


We are making a difference and we are doing it the best way; the Amber way

Best Staff Comment of 2012

Can i say again (is this becoming boring ?) what a great job the girls are doing at the bungalow


I can't wait to get started. I have to say I find both you and Alison inspirational. A real breath of fresh air

New Member of Staff (December 2012)

Amber Support Services are one of our smaller Approved Providers of supported living services – their support planning and all round approach to services is cutting edge

Professional Assessor (December 2012)

Hi Alison ... enjoyed Amber today, keeps saying Amber tomorrow and lol, when I say no darlin Thursday and Friday he says why! I’m so pleased I was worried he might take time to adjust but I can tell he's going to be ok with you and enjoy it. Thanks so much X

Parent after client's first day at the Day Service (December 2012)

All those interviewed could articulate in their own words how they thought their manager was effective and described them as supportive, approachable, open door policy, fair and lead by example. One member of staff commented "She gets things done, she is always on top of everything, she is always there for you and if any queries the reply is same day if possible"


Merry Christmas Amber!!! You all do a fantastic job!


One person who used the service confirmed that they were involved in the recruitment of staff and were able to ask people questions as part of the process.


People told us that they were treated with respect and that staff maintained their privacy and dignity. One member of staff commented that they, "Treat as would like to be treated myself". People who used the service were able to tell us about ways in which staff encouraged them to be independent and do as much for themselves as possible.


People were complimentary describing the agency as, "Excellent" and, "100%". One person told us, "Everyone very caring". Other comments included, "Very good", "Very well looked after" and "Can't fault them". One person who used the service said, "Staff support me".


People who used the service told us that they felt safe when receiving care from staff. One person told us that they knew who to speak to if they had a concern and were confident that they would listen to their concerns.


Staff told us that they would report any actual or potential abuse to management within the agency and to external authorities. One member of staff described safeguarding people as, "One of the most import parts of the job"


We found that people were able to express their views and had been involved in making decisions about their care and support. People were complimentary about the care they or their relative had received. Comments included, "Staff support me", "Excellent" and "Everyone very caring".


We saw positive comments on the surveys such as, "Staff do an excellent job", "Excellent and caring", "Outstanding service" and "I am more than satisfied".


Ambers experience is one of low staff turnover and absenteeism and this is testimony to how people feel as valued and thus leads to loyal employees. One staff member commented "I am about to start a Diploma Assessor Award and this is a Level 4 - it is a pilot and will be rolled out - this is what Amber are about, grasping opportunities that lead to continuous improvement for us and others


Once again, thank you for your help with the work placements, I know ... enjoyed them and learned a great deal from them. ... is happy for him to do the same in the Christmas holidays which would be great.

DAY SERVICE PARENT (December 2012)

Overall I would rate the service and the staff I work with as excellent as they work with the utmost respect and compassion providing clients with the highest standard of support

Staff Annual Satisfaction Survey 2012 (December 2012)

We saw that reviews took place and that these involved people who used the service as well as family members where possible, other advocates and members of staff. We saw one person's annual review of their care which showed photographs demonstrating how personal aims for the previous 12 months had been met.


He does everything himself, I am in his home just to offer support when required, we dont do things for them they are encouraged to be independent as much as is possible


A fantastic presentation, well presented. It's a wondering thing you do and great to see such a unique and professional approach


I wouldn’t hesitate to use Amber Support Services again. It’s not easy allowing people you don’t know to stay in your home while you are away. Extremely nice and professional carers

Additional Comments on our Outreach Respite Service (December 2012)

Thank you Alison, ... has not stopped going on at me to get in touch since she visited Amber. She is absolutely desperate to come to you for placement and is really looking forward to it

Student College Volunteer’s Teacher (December 2012)

Your support has been invaluable in enabling vulnerable adults to access a service provision in an accessible building. As a result costs were kept to the very minimum, providing a service that otherwise would not be realistic or available, to vulnerable adults within the community

Counselling Therapist (December 2012)

A great story nicely presented. I really liked the principles and ethics that shone through well


Fantastic slideshow, really wonderful message. Clearly spoken open and honest. It really is wonderful to see such a good cause well executed. Congrats amazing!


I have never had such a good induction. I received a great overview of the company, knew what they were all about and just knew it was the kind of company I wanted to work for


I have only been here a few months but already have objectives agreed. It was realised that I have a passion for gardening and we have an allotment so as soon as the weather is nice I have big plans for those clients that are interested; digging, planting and the produce will be used by them for them


I just love my job here and would not wish to work anywhere else

IIP STAFF COMMENT (November 2012)

Staff were very complimentary about the comprehensive induction programme, the shadowing and mentoring that ran alongside


The leadership skills training at Droitwich was probably the best training I have ever had


The staff are fantastic and I am really proud to be part of such a great team!!


There is a strong ethos of giving praise when praise is due and always a positive no blame culture. Staff do feel valued and this was demonstrated in various comments


Throughout Amber, communication is excellent with a variety of methods in the exchange of communication as appropriate. It came over very strong that staff will cover for each other at any eventuality


Without exception all those interviewed were able to articulate how their own job role contributed to the success of Amber. Staff are very passionate about their work and it is immediately apparent upon visiting the Day Service and Supported Living, that there is a caring ethos that clients are truly put first and are at the centre of everything that is done.


... loves Amber and John is fab. What a lovely guy


Excellent worker, very positive, friendly, happy - very good at organising social enterprise, good at listening to clients


For information the evaluation team considered the policies you sent in to be the best evaluated – well done!

Lead Commissioner

Great presentation. Really slick and easy to follow. Excellent business, Well run. Can see how this works. Differentiation is strong


Great story. Seemed to be very good at marketing and had a really clear vision. Great testimonials. Love your slides. Great presentation. Great organisation


I have found Amber Support Services to be very open to constructive suggestions, non defensive and positive. Staff are always friendly and welcoming


I hope we can find somewhere like the Amber Centre in South Wales although it will never be able to replace you and your staff. So once again a very BIG thank you to you all

Day Support Family Leaving to Live in South Wales

I just know that ... will flourish in your companies environment. Your whole outlook and attitude is so refreshing – thank you

Family of Prospective Supported Living Client

Love it - Quality as core. No agency staff!


Really interesting business and clearly very professionally led by Jacqueline. Excellent presentation. Excellent!


I wanted to take this opportunity to send my compliments to ... She has shown a total commitment to the work she undertakes. It has been a pleasure working with her and look forward to working with her in the future


I was very impressed by what I saw

Pharmacist PCT Medication Audit.

I would like to thank all the staff at ... for their continued hard work, which has benefited ... greatly

GP Attached Social Worker

Jacky, you should be proud of all your staff they are all very caring

Day Support Service Family

Jacqui thank you for everything you have done for me and all your help, not just as a director but as a good friend. Just wanted you to know that you are very much appreciated

Ex Staff Member Thank you Card

Just to say goodbye. I have really enjoyed my time at Amber and will miss you all

Client Moving to Live in Devon

Many thanks for your interest in the Advocacy through Art Project and thank you for your help and support

Advocacy Through Art Teacher

Thank you for all your help and support over the past few months, you have been a rock, don’t know what I would have done without you

Ex Staff Member Thank you Card

Thank you for all your support over the last year and a half. Good luck with the future of Amber. I wish you all the luck

Ex Staff Member Thank you Card

Thank you for having us, it has been a wonderful week and we have benefited a lot from the experience

College Placement Student

The students benefit greatly from the experience they gain on work placement and we hope that it has been a positive experience that you wish to continue


To Alison, Thank you for all you have done. You are very much appreciated as people like you are a rare commodity in today’s society

Day Support Service Family

To Jacqui, I shall forever be in debt with your kindness and support you have given me. Thank you so much for everything

Ex Staff Member Thank you Card

You all do an amazing job and how we wish the world was filled with people just like you. You are all fantastic and so very much appreciated by us parents

Compliment Card received from a relative

She has lots of meetings to make Amber better. She helps out when needed such as driving. Provides everything for us such as training and activities


… has a great time at Amber and has progressed so much since she has been with you. Thank you very much

Day Support Service Family

Superb, very friendly and professional carers

Response regarding Outreach Respite Service

Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very impressed with the person-centred nature of the support plan


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help


Very bubbly, ensures that all are learning independent daily living skills. Always willing to help