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Days Out

Manor Park

Days out come in all shapes and sizes, from special day trips to certain attractions to the simple pleasures of visiting local places and spaces and catching up with friends.

Who doesn’t love the thrill of an adventure park ride?

With lockdown restrictions at ease, we took the opportunity to visit Drayton Manor Park on a few occasions.

Some days in good weather, and others when it was soggy and wet!

Either way, we had great fun going on the Bounty Pirate Ship, some of us went on the Shockwave roller coaster, whilst others enjoyed getting drenched on the water rides!

We tried out their other attractions including the open plan zoo, lunch, doughnuts and the Dino Trail where we said hello to our pre-historic friends.

Garden Centres

After meeting our friends weekly on Zoom nothing beats seeing them in person! We have found that Garden Centres are a good place to meet as they provide wide open
spaces and operate in a covid secure way which means that we can shop in a safe environment.

These places are full of sensory experiences from the smell of herbs such as rosemary to the fascinating and relaxing experience of watching swimming fish to the table service in the café!

Disneyland Paris

Jack and Timmy made some incredible memories by saving their money, allowing them to travel to Disneyland Paris.

They stopped in a beautiful apartment allowing for relaxing chill outs and a spot of swimming which was needed after busy days.

On the trip they took part in jumping on Open Top Bus Rides, enjoying a River Seine Cruise, visiting the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe as well as days at the magical, fairy tale kingdom of Disneyland Paris.

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